Golden Globes Ceremony 2020

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The Golden Globes always kicks off award season the right way and this year was no exception. Britains own Ricky Gervais took on the coveted and sometimes risqué job of hosting for the fifth time. Gervais had previously confessed that he would be avoiding taking jabs at specific individuals in the audience and instead was going for a more general approach when it comes to picking apart the stars of Hollywood. Did he stick to this statement? Well…erm no. Not even a little bit. His opening monologue was met with the usual mixed reactions as he cut around sensitive issues such as Felicity Huffman in jail, Prince Andrew, the Me Too movement and racial inequality in Hollywood. He likened Joe Pesci to baby Yoda, he called James Corden a fat pussy, oh and he made the crudest joke possible about Dame Judi Dench that I am not even going to type out… I’m sure you won’t need to look too far to see all the gaffes delivered in the opener or you can watch the full thing on youtube after the broadcast.

After hearing that the Best Director category featured a grand total of ZERO women contenders (despite there being at least THREE who I can think of on the top of my head who should have had a look in) I was filled with that familiar sense of disappointment. What kind of achievement is a Golden Globe really if there isn’t fair competition? When this happened in 2018, Natalie Portman who was presenting the award at the time delivered that famed line ‘Here are the all male nominees.’  Thankfully Ricky Gervais addressed the issue as soon as he came onto introduce the category presenters but I was kind of disheartened that Dame Helen Mirren didn’t take it upon herself to reference this too.

The best speeches of the night for me were firstly kicked off with Russell Crowes – he couldn’t be there to accept his Best Actor in a Limited Series win therefore he passed a message along to be read out by Jennifer Aniston. He didn’t even acknowledge the nomination or win and spoke directly about the horrific effects of climate change in a powerful statement on the devastation filling his home country of Australia right now.
“Make no mistake, the tragedy unfolding in Australia is climate change-based. We need to act based on science, move our global work force to renewable energy and respect our planet for the unique and amazing place it is. That way, we have a future. Thank you.”

Next came Best Foreign Film directors Bong Joon Ho who made the excellent point of: “Once you overcome the one-inch tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films…I think we use only one language: The cinema.” I just think this is so beautifully put and a real driving force to get out there and watch these incredible films that you may not be initially inclined to view due to language barriers – they really aren’t barriers and it will open your world and mind!

Patricia Arquette brought hard hitting truths home as she addressed the current political state of America & the bushfires in Australia. This is nothing new for her as she has previously mentioned she has actually LOST roles due to her controversial speeches in the past (Oscars 2015 –  look it up!)  She dismissed her award saying how it won’t make the history books unlike the aforementioned disasters and to keep this in mind in the next electoral vote. She is a forever icon.

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Michelle Williams delivered an emotional and powerful acceptance speech for her work on Fosse/Verdon whilst addressing WOMENS CHOICE TO CHOOSE and abortion rights. Encouraged by cheers from the audience – as well as presenter Tiffany Haddish shouting preach into her mic – Michelle teared up as she so eloquently put across her important point. BFF Busy Phillips was all of us as she cried and smiled with adoration from their table. Honestly they are my favourite Hollywood BFFs ever.
“Women, please vote in your own self-interests. It’s what men have been doing for years, which is why the world looks so much like them. Don’t forget: we are the largest voting body in this country. Let’s make it look more like us.”

Also noteworthy: Olivia Colman who could say something nonsensical and I would savour every word but she was so stunned to have won the highly coveted Best Actress award she claimed she wasn’t prepared so she had already got a little ‘boozy.’  Fleabag continued it’s award success as it dominated the categories and wins. I feel like each acceptance speech gets progressively cheekier from Phoebe Waller Bridge as she referenced Obama in *THAT* Fleabag scene and just generally glowed in the light of her successes. She also inspired writers everywhere by saying “Find one friend that you love and you care about and write it for that person to make that person laugh, and make that person cry.”  I bloody will do exactly that Phoebe. Side note but still important; I am beyond thrilled to hear on the red carpet interview that her and Andrew Scott have work lined up next year. That is all.

It felt unjust that Joaquin Phoenix was played off of his acceptance speech as he picked up one of the biggest awards of the night. I mean visibly and audibly he seemed kind of distressed to be up there but he was finally getting a really important point across and show-runners probably felt it was going to get too controversial so tried to cut him off early. A shady move but not unfamiliar at these shows. His win was T O T A L L Y deserving I’m just sad for Adam Driver that he was competing in the same year as Joker because the award would have been his otherwise.

Tom Hanks picked up the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement in film and I swear he must be one of the nicest men in the industry IF NOT the world. He is so personable in every interview I ever see him in. Every press junket. Every acceptance award. Every radio interview. You can just tell by the audience reactions how he must treat every person he meets with respect and humility despite being one of the biggest stars on the planet. It was hard not to get emotional with him as he fought back tears which he blamed on having a cold and ‘drinking a lot of savagely orange drinks over the past 24 hours.’ I mean I’ve personally never noticed that side effect from a Vit C drink but who are we to argue with Mr Hanks? 

Thanks for getting involved with this years Golden Globe series of posts make sure to come back next week as we prepare the Oscar countdown with the nominations being announced next Monday 13th Jan!


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