What I’m Watching: April

April is an excellent month for new releases both in the world of cinema and the world of television. I’ve whittled down my list of what I’ll be tuning into this month and I recommend that you do the same!

since 2001-3

I’m very excited for Jonah Hill to be making his directorial debut with his film Mid90s. The film premiered to positive reviews last September at Toronto Film Festival and it has been highly anticipated ever since. Whilst for some, Jonah Hill + Director don’t necessarily add up. It’s important to remember the time he has spent on sets with some of the highest esteemed directors in the business (Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, Bennett Miller to name a few…) He even sought advice ahead of Mid90s from both Scorsese and Ethan Cohen.

The story follows 13 year old Stevie who is growing up in – funnily enough – mid 1990 Los Angeles under somewhat strenuous circumstances. We will watch him take on his tough teen home life alongside finding a new passion for Skateboarding. Sunny Suljic stars as Stevie with Oscar nominated Lucas Hedges (yay), Na-Kel Smith and Katherine Waterson in supporting roles. Jonah Hill has said his inspirations for the film are Ratcatcher (1999) This Is England (2006) and Kids (1996) which adds to my interest in the film in how he will interpret this inspiration. Also, the entire film was shot on 16mm film and has Scott Rudin on board as a producer. Double Bonus.

UK Cinema Release: 12th April 2019

since 2001-4

Starring Isabelle Huppert (woo!) and Chloe Moretz (woo!) we follow the tale of a young Frances (Moretz) who finds a handbag on a New York subway train. She returns it to its owner Greta (Huppert) and so an unlikely friendship blossoms. The friendship of eccentric widower Greta and recently grieving for her mother Frances soon becomes toxic as obsession taints this unexpected coming together of these two women. I’ve seen this movie advertised everywhere and I’m excited to see it on the big screen!

UK Cinema Release: 19th April 2019

since 2001-5

The latest and 22nd instalment of the Marvel Universe is set to hit worldwide cinemas on the 24th April. Avengers: Endgame will conclude the recurring Infinity Stone story arc, following on from its predecessor; Avengers: Infinity War. The remaining allies will come together to restore the universe against the evil of Thanos for a final time. With a 3 hour 2 minute running time, this makes the movie the longest running marvel movie of all time. That’s not the only record breaking box the movie is ticking however. It became the first trailer on YouTube to reach over 1 million likes within the first four hours of its upload. It then reached a historic 289 million views in 24 hours. The records are expected to keep on breaking as it opens worldwide for its premiere weekend with bookies estimating an opening weekend of around 300 million dollars from the US alone which would make it the highest grossing box office opening weekend of all time.

Not caught up on marvel films quite yet? Follow this handy infographic from Smallzys Surgery so you can join in on the Marvel excitement to come!

UK Cinema Release: 25th April 2019

since 2001-12

Wild Rose premiered at Toronto International Film Festival in September and ever since it has been making waves in the world of film. The brilliant Tom Harper (Peaky Blinders, War & Peace) directs the tale of Glaswegian Rose Lynn Harlan who believes she is destined to be a Nashville star (of country music NOT the TV show…) She’s fresh out of prison and full of ambition yet her mother insists she takes responsibility for once in her life and forces her into a cleaning job to support her children. She soon befriends the lady of the house Marion who becomes her biggest fan and pushes her towards her dream. Starring the ever delightful Julie Walters, this movie is sure to fill the Star Is Born shaped hole in your heart for the 1 hour 40 minutes run time

UK Cinema Release: 12th April 2019 

since 2001-10

KATE BECKINSALE ON ITV?! – my exact words after watching the initial advertisement for this new drama that will take up my Monday and Tuesday nights for the next month. Written by the endlessly talented Williams Brothers (Cheat, The Bay) It’s no surprise that the A-list cast were quick to jump on board. The delightful and we-are-not-worthy-of-you Charles Dance appears alongside Kate Beckinsale, as well as Alex Kingston, Babs Olusanmokun and Louise Brealey.

The show will follow the story of Georgia Wells (Beckinsale) who has took to life alone in the Democratic Republic of The Congo since the death of her husband. Life as she knows it changes momentarily as she spots the husband (who was presumed dead after a fatal plane crash) in the back of a news segment on television. Sounds gritty huh? Exactly how an ITV drama is supposed to be.

Airs: 8th April 2019

since 2001-7

David Attenbourgh and his team have brought us the latest instalment of documentary as Netflix steps into the big world of Natural History with the king himself.

The series follows on from its former as we get a small insight into places across the world including South America, Africa and The Arctic. The series is set to follow suit with Blue Planet and concentrate on how paramount conservation is to the world in it’s current climate, and how we need to act now to prevent further destruction of the planet. Different to it’s former seasons – Our Planet will air on Netflix for the first time opposed to it’s usual BBC habitat. Attenborough has previously explained the reasoning behind this simply being a communication issue and how vital it is for it to reach as many people across the globe as possible. Netflix being the most accessibly streaming service is the perfect place to do so. I don’t think a show like this needs selling by me – David Attenborough makes that easy. With that being said please don’t take the topic behind the show lightly and PLEASE start making changes to the way you live your life if you are able to. Cut down on plastic, go meat or dairy free a few times a week, carpool, RECYCLE! Small changes make huge differences.

Netflix Release: 5th April 2019

since 2001-6

I mean. Do I really need to spend anymore time than I already do writing about this show on this website.

UK Sky Atlantic Release: 15th April 2019 2am 

since 2001-9

Netflix’s latest supernatural series follows the story of an organ transplant recipient who starts taking on some of the characteristics of the donor her new heart once belonged to. Soon after the transplant, mystery begins to attach itself to the circumstances behind the donors death.

Akela Cooper is show-runner (Luke Cage, American Horror Story) of the upcoming 10 part series. Newcomer Sivan Alyra Rose takes the lead role. Perhaps most notably, Uma Thurman plays the donors mother in her Netflix Original Debut.

Trailer yet to be released!

Netflix Release: 26th April 2019

since 2001-8

When Netflix offers you a show fronted by Melissa Joan Hart & Sean Astin you sit back and take it. No more persuasion needed to watch the two pre(and post)-millennium icons link up for a family comedy. 13 year old Nick turns up on the familys door step ready to reign trouble as a posed distant relative. She soon find compassion for the family as they take her into their home. With David Steinburg behind the show, it offers a promising easy watch – perfect for post Chambers viewing in my opinion!

Netflix Release Date: 15th April 2019



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