Money Saving Tips For Students – Sponsored

I’m taking a step away from TV talk today and together with FACT I wanted to talk about the money saving tips I wish i’d have known at university. I know how tough it can be when you get yourself into a financial mess and find yourself in a pickle. FACT  know how much debt can affect Mental Health so want to really raise awareness about that. They are a not-for-profit business who help people who are struggling with debt to clear it with the work of a consumer lawyer.

When I was at uni I was constantly skint. I did constantly manage to go out four times a week so I do think that I utilised my money quite well (minus the rare occasions I would cry to my mum on the phone in Tesco Express when I couldn’t afford baked beans)

All being said – I wasn’t a frugal student so to speak. Here are a few things I wish I’d have done back then!

Food Delivery Services

I am currently obsessed with Gousto (and they aren’t paying me to say this) The food all comes measured out so there is no waste at all, a lot of the packaging is recycable which is really important to me – and they always do great offers. Have a look at their website or the likes of hello fresh and you’ll definitely be able to feed yourself for a good month or so on the intro packs! If your cooking only for yourself you can make both portions and take one to uni for your lunch too!

Reusable Coffee Cups

DITCH THE CARBOARD and take your own transport coffee cup to your favourite barista and they will offer you a discount in return. I know that Starbucks, Pret, Costa all participate in this so get yourself down to B&Ms buy an on the go cup and get your caffeine fix at a cheaper rate


A student necessisty I found vital was to invest in a 16-25 railcard! This makes getting back home to see your family or going to visit friends at other unis so much easier by cutting a third of the cost. I know that some banks actually do a sign up offer if you open a student account with them you get your railcard for free so thats another option to explore too.


My new favourite way to save extra cash is to use a pot on Monzo. Monzo is a digital banking service and you can choose to have any transactions you make be rounded to the nearest pound and be added to a savings pot. I have £30 already and I’ve been using it for a month. You don’t miss the extra pennies when you make the transaction & you’ll be surprised at how fast the extra change will add up!

Festival Payment Installations

Sometimes it’s difficult to commit to summer plans when you’re in the middle of a university term. Thankfully these days a lot of festivals are offering payment installations interest free so you can spread the costs over the year leading up to the event. It’s a great way to make sure you can get to whichever festival you want to get to without having to fork out a bulk sum at the time if you’re stretched for cash.

Student Card

This may seem obvious but its crazy how much people ignore their student rights to STUDENT DISCOUNT! Ask everywhere. Your local beauty salon, restaurants, night clubs, EVERYWHERE. And NEVER forget to cash in on your free student cheeseburger at McDonalds.

Meal Prep

One of the best ways I utilised my weekly budget was to make one huge dish and live off it for the whole week. Pasta Bakes / Stews / Curries are all great to make in batch (& cheap!) and you can reheat portions throughout the week AND that means less cooking time!

I really hope this helps guys! Even if it means you’re only saving a little bit a week it ALL adds up eventually!

Leave any other tips you may have in the comments & be sure to check out FACTs website at

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