Debunking The Game Of Thrones Season 8 Trailer

Moments after I declared my blog as under construction, HBO played me and released the new trailer for S8. Which means HELLO welcome to my semi-finished new blog and HI HELLO HOW ARE YA welcome to my WHAT THE FUCK we can get out of that trailer blog post!

First of all of you haven’t seen the trailer yet please watch below:

Yep pretty damn creepy right?

I’m gonna start front and centre with Arya. Having an Arya centric trailer is somewhat poignant as she has always been the character to show the most gumption and courage throughout her years.  She has made the point numerous times of how unafraid she is of some of these big bad scary characters such as Cersei, Gregor Clegane. Even the likes of The Tickler didn’t phase Arya in all his horrific glory. Yet here we have her running through the crypts of Winterfell – where she should feel her safest – terrified, wounded and alone. This brings us to wonder who exactly she is running from.  What if the Night King raises his armies upon reaching Winterfell and lo and behold who is buried in those very same corridors that Arya is running through? Every dead Stark there ever was. This would make for terrifying television as all the characters we knew and loved would rise from their crypts and turn on their own family in the epic battle between the dead and the living. It would also satisfy those of us who are desperado to see Lady Stoneheart on the show. Arya is also wounded on the right side of her face and chest so we can assume that to get to this point she has come face to face in battle (which we do see previews of) and this scene may even take place in the midst episode 3 which is where we are to expect the monstrous battle that took 10 months to film. It will historically overtake the current longest battle known to TV or film (LOTR: The Battle For Helms Deep.) We also see the likes of Sansa, Varys, Gilly and her son hiding in the crypts whilst we can presume the battle ensues (Remembering that Gillys son is hot on the Night Kings hit list with his body full of kings blood as he is the true son of Mance Ryder) This is somewhat of a direct reference to The Battle Of Helms Deep & also The Battle Of Blackwater Bay. If the Starks quite literally raise hell during this moment we can say bye bye to the holdfast and everyone inside of it. I somehow can’t see Sansa going like that so perhaps it wasn’t actually her – but it did look very much like her.

We then see two beloved characters who were presumed dead after S7 finale. Tormund and Beric Dondarrion enter a room which tranquillised the anxieties I had surrounding Tormunds fate. I NEED MORE BRIENNE AND TORMUND MOMENTS OH MY GOD I’M ALREADY CRYING.

Enter Euron and The Golden Company arriving on the shores of Kings Landing. The Golden Company are a famed band of mercenaries who Cersei instructed Euron to go and hire to overcome the joint forces of Daenerys & Jon. With their help she raises her numbers from a dwindling few thousand and a Jamie-less lead to a good 20,000. An exciting element for us as viewers is that The Golden Company have ELEPHANTS. B

Whilst we’re on Cersei I am very interested in the glimpse of what we saw from her in this moment:

Screenshot 2019-03-17 at 12.44.56
Image: HBO

She appears to be A) Crying and B) Drinking wine. The wine is nothing new for Cersei however she IS supposedly pregnant and if we know anything about Cersei it’s that her children’s lives are the one thing she values more than anything in the world (I guess this could be a topic of debate but that’s for another time) – this means that she either was never pregnant or she has lost the child which confirms the prophecy she received from the Maggy in the woods all those years prior.  There is of course the counter argument that drinking alcohol when pregnant only came in as a warning in the last 30 years so perhaps its a bit of a stretch that these health and safety standards would be rife in a medieval Kings Landing. The line before the shot transitions to Cersei says ‘Our enemy doesn’t stop, doesn’t tire, doesn’t feel.’ Whilst one may assume it’s referring to the white walkers and the undead it’s clearly an intentional side reference to Cersei who has grown more and more emotionless as the seasons go on. She has hardened like never before and even her wardrobe has mirrored that. Here we see her in a nightgown in softer colours and materials and she appears to be crying as though she has received some hard to swallow news. Could this be her post miscarriage? Her finding out of Jamies fealty to the North?  Her own fate secured? Her after giving birth to a Dwarf? I am a firm believer of the valonqar theory but somehow I don’t think this excerpt references any part of that. I think when her time comes it will be sudden, brash and bold and not as soft and romantic as her sipping on some wine, teary, and in her nightgown.

Gendry makes his first appearance since running back to The Wall in S7E6 and he’s back and *Stronger* than ever as he appears to be forging weapons of dragon-glass in Winterfell. I love a pre-battle preparation scene when we see everyone coming together and getting ready for what’s ahead and I’m so glad Gendry will have the airtime he deserves when it comes to this.

We see a shot of Ser Jorah riding in the battle with not one but two swords by his side. One appears to be the sword that Sam stole from his father – Heartsbane. The famed Tarly Valyrian steel sword. That means all of the key house fighters are armed with Valaryian Steel – Jon, Brienne, Jamie, Arya and now Ser Jorah.

The reactions of people seeing dragons for the fist time never gets tiresome. We see both Sansa and Aryas reaction to the dragons flying over into Winterfell which really shows how full circle the story has come from old Nan telling tales of these past times to Bran as a young child.

The countdown is ON!

Game Of Thrones Season 8 will premiere at 2am on Sky Atlantic on April 15th 2019

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