it’s been a while

Hello hello

It’s certainly been a while.

This past month I took a break from writing on here. I don’t even know why? It was for no purpose or particular poise but it’s what happened. I’ve had some pretty huge things happen this past month so I guess I could use that as an excuse, although it’s not really.

There are gonna be NU THANGZ coming to The Only Way Is Ellie shortly. This time away from my website has given me chance to REALLY think about what’s important to my coverage. Especially in regards to my Hollywood coverage. With all that has happened this month with Weinstein amongst others, I haven’t really known what to do about my immediate movie coverage. It’s hard to know what we as civilians untouched directly by his vulgarness can do about the situation. It’s a conflicting time. Are we supposed to boycott his films directly? Are we never to watch pulp fiction again? By encouraging viewings of his films does that make us perpetrators to the foulness that went on BTS?

I think the main thing we can do is to not forget. Let us not forget and replace this news with the next scandal. It’s too poignant and it’s happening too often. Listen to your friends when they share their own stories of sexual assault with you. Read the stories of the brave women and men coming forward. Read every damn word and let the horror sink in. These victims deserve our unspoilt attention. We must not let this pass un-noticed.

I just wanted to break my radio silence and let you know a bit of why things have been quieter over here.

Keep checking back to see the new features coming to my site over the next month

Thanks for being patient and I’ll see you V soon



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