Game Of Thrones Season 7 Finale Recap

Well I don’t know about you but I can’t quite believe were already at the end of the penultimate season of Game Of Thrones. After a deliciously timed 81 minute long finale, WE ARE DONE!


For one last time, for a long time – say it with me – The episode began…with the biggest reunion the show has ever seen. It was big, it was bad, and it was better than anything before. The tension made me feel uncomfortable as the characters shifted with awkwardness, their every step orchestrated with a disturbing character soundtrack crossover score. Everyone in place had someone that they had a history with. Jaime and Brienne, Brienne and The Hound, The Hound and The Mountain, Euron and Theon, Daenerys and Cersei, Jon and Cersei, Varys and Qyburn, Tyrion and Cersei. Not forgetting the most uncomfortable of them all – Bronn and Cersei. Bronn noticeably disappeared before Cersei even arrived on our screens due to the estranged past the two actors hold after their former relationship ended sourly. It’s even in each actors contract to never be on set at the same time as the other. Yep, it’s THAT bad.

Let’s talk for a second about Daenerys arrival. Whilst this may have been seen as her being stubborn and wanting to show off her dragons, it can also be seen as a big ole play of power. Cersei expected the meeting to proceed as soon as she arrived. She soon sees that Daenerys is absent and is frustrated by having to wait. It’s a common courtesy to wait for the most important person to arrive before beginning a meeting, and that’s what it forced them to do. Dany 1 – Cersei 0.

It was quite surreal watching The Hound unveil the captured wight upon the Kings Landing panel. After these two worlds being separate for so long, it was hard to believe that they were finally uniting as one. There was the hold your breath moment of oh shit where the hell has that wight gone when it didn’t instantly leave the crate, only adding to the already intense scene. Upon further viewing of the episode, you can watch each characters reaction more closely. Qyburn is fascinated, Euron true to his word – terrified. The whole Euron leaving part was one that I didn’t really care for. Not so much his initial departure – which I did actually respect – but Cersei’s claim that it was all part of a bigger plan. Whilst I would be surprised if Euron has headed straight home, I don’t think it makes much sense for them to have prepared a staged walk out for dramatic effect. Especially considering they didn’t know about the wight being there at all. This was one part of the episodes weakness as a whole.

Tyrion and Cersei’s interaction was the second addition to the weakness I have aforementioned. For someone who has headhunted Tyrion tirelessly and spent what is left of her meaningless life solely seeking revenge, it seemed slightly weak on Cersei’s behalf to not behead him on the spot as she has promised so many times before. In no means do I want this to happen, but to have the man she hates most in this world stood in front of her, sparking none of the fieriness that Cersei used to thrive on, seemed to be honestly rather odd. The ending of their scene was perhaps the strangest of them all. He realises she was pregnant and suddenly we leave the room. Skip forward to the episodes end when Tyrion is acting shifty AF outside of Jon and Daenerys’ room  – (EEK I CANT WAIT TO SCREAM ABOUT THIS PROPERLY IN APPROXIMATELY 6 PARAGRAPHS TIME) – could the reason for the shiftiness have something to do with the conversation that we didn’t see between Tyrion and Cersei? I think so. It’s hard to picture but imagine if everyones best loved character betrays our favourite heroes (Jonarys) for our favourite villain (Cersei.) Daenerys was warned back in Qarth that she would be betrayed three times – the final time for love. Could this refer to Tyrions final conversation with Cersei? Has he made a deal to compromise Daenerys? If not, why else would he be standing around outside the room looking so uneasy, and don’t come at me with ‘because of the implications mixing love with business has’ people (I mean YOU Peter Dinklage) I don’t believe for a second that the show runners would spend more time than necessary on screen time to portray Tyrions disproval. That could have been done with a shake of the head. Not a lengthy close up then a wide-frame shot of Tyrion pondering for 7 seconds and then a further 9 seconds! That’s 16 more seconds of Jonarys sex we could have had!


Meanwhile in Winterfell, we get to see a bloody fine example of a story arc coming full circle. By god was it appeasing. All season we have been pushed towards the fact that Sansa is weak, Sansa is going to betray Jon, Sansa is selfish, Sansa is jealous, Sansa is scared of Arya, Sansa is pathetic. This episode was one big FUCK YOU to everyone who doubted her. Admittedly, I was shocked at the twist the episode took despite Littlefinger wouldn’t live out the season. I honestly thought for a moment o my fuck they’re going to kill Arya. This is the big twist. Then, A-HAAA YAS QUEENS KILL THAT BISH. To see him killed in the same way Catelyn was killed was extremely pleasing too.

From one victory to the next as we see Theon rise above the school bullies and turn his biggest weakness into his strength. The act of him regaining his strength whilst the rando oarsman was trying to knee him in the peen reminded me of what Tyrion says to Jon in season 1. ‘Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength and it can never be your weakness. Armour yourself with it and it will never be used to hurt you’ It’s probably (well definitely) nothing to do with that but I thought it was a nice little touch all the same – especially after Theon and Jon had their heart to heart which was mostly discussing events in Season 1 as well. I was pretty nervous for Theon when he looked to be defeated but given that he has survived through all that is Ramsey, they would never kill him off so frivolously like that. I look forward to his redemption arc continuing in the fight that’s to come for his sister.

Credit : HBO

Back to Cersei and I’m confused all over again. This is the second time this episode we see a much more elusive Cersei to one we are used to! This is the last third to the general weakness that I mentioned earlier. I don’t think this was a consistent use of her character! Or definitely not in the shows general and usual portrayal and production of the character. Cersei confesses to Jaime that she never planned on sending her troops to help in the battle of night and day (i’m sorry but I’ve been watching this too much.) I just feel really confused about the stupid decision behind this because it’s not like they’re never going to find out she’s fucked with them when tens of thousands of guards don’t turn up to fight the wights. Like come on Cersei it only takes 3-5 working days to get there from Kings Landing these days do you not realise this! That is not enough time to bring the Golden Company over. Elephants or not, DRAGONS CERSEI, DRAGONS! I just personally feel that the back and forth of Cersei this episode felt too compromised. Especially with her refusing to kill Jaime also?! I’m completely aware that neither Tyrion nor Jaime were to die in this episode because they both have bigger parts to play – Jaime especially, but it would have been much more ‘Game Of Thronesy’ of the show runners to  lob his head off right then and there. That’s the savagery that got us hooked on the show in the first place after all. I can’t stress enough HOW much I know Jaime isn’t to die just yet but I feel it’s the only way I can exemplify that it’s almost as if the writers didn’t have the balls to do it – (FORGIVE ME D&D I STILL THINK YOU ARE THE WONDERFUL.) I’m sure having Cersei threaten to kill both her brothers and then not was meant to be some sort of mirroring but it didn’t translate well within the episode. The best part of this scene was Jaimes ‘I don’t believe you.’ It can be read so many ways. He doesn’t believe the pregnancy, he doesn’t believe Eurons plot, he doesn’t believe she would act in this way, or he could just genuinely be in disbelief that she would (or wouldn’t) kill him. In hindsight, it seems that Jaime is as confused as I am about this whole Cersei palaver.


SAM (believe me guys I’m nearing the end, thanks for sticking with me this far) brought us his usual comic delivery in a priceless ‘what’s that’ moment upon Bran revealing his 3ER status. Another slightly stupid plot hole was that Bran – the self proclaiming all seeing all knowing subject – then didn’t know about the most hush hushed marriage in Westerosi history. Come on kid keep up. Maybe start spending less time watching your sister being raped and more time looking out for the important stuff? Like your bastard brother being the heir to the iron throne perhaps? Although I absolutely ADORED how Brans visions of the wedding and birth of Jon was mirrored against Jon and Daenerys sequence. From the knocking on her door, to the lengthy eye gazes I think I cried about four times. IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL AND I AM SO HERE FOR EVERY DAMN SECOND OF IT RELATED OR NOT. Cannot wait for her to pop out a beautiful Aegon Targaryan sprogg.

Ok so we haven’t seen an explosion like this in a season finale since well, least season. WAS IT ICE? WAS IT FIRE? WAS IT FIREY ICE? WAS IT ICY FIRE? WHO CARES!!!!! WHERE!!!!! IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TORMUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well don’t you worry my little muffins because he is safe and sound in the section of the wall that DIDN’T fall down. Sure he’s stuck up there without a ladder and sure theres tens of thousands of wights around him but yano, if he’s not dead yet he’s not going to die next episode. I’ll spend the next two years thinking of every possible get out plan I can think for him. So alas, we are here, we have reached the end.

Thankyou for sticking with me week after week! I’ll be back this weekend with a video of my top ten favourite wildest GOT theories, but until then, its been an absolute PLEASURE and thank you for all of your kind comments on my Game Of Thrones posts!



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