Game Of Thrones S07E03 – Recap

The Queens Justice

Directed By Mark Mylod

Hi Guysssssss, well firstly apologies that this post is reaching you late but I’ve been far too busy enjoying myself on the set of Thronecast to write this up today! If you follow me on snapchat & Instagram you will have seen how incredible my day was down at sky studios. Massive massive props to the wonderful and legendary Sue Perkins for sorting my brother and I out with the full VIP treatment for the day! We ended up watching the episode in the green room with Kristin Nairn (Hodor) Simon Neil (Biffy Clyro) and journalist and all round Northern superwoman Grace Dent. A once in a lifetime opportunity for sure!

Anyway enough of my gloating and onto the episode in question. I really loved elements of this episode such as Tyrions battle voiceover and Olenna spitting venom (quite literally) however I do think a certain momentum was lost in other parts of the episode. Let us begin…

I certainly wasn’t expecting the episode to start with Jon landing on Dragonstone. I do really like how this season has been sped up by missing out travelling moments such as Greyjoys there and back again, Arya so far up North, Bran at Winterfell etc etc… It goes to show that the show runners are very conscious of how little time the show has left therefore they’re trying to claim time back wherever they can. Jon and Daenerys meeting is obviously a moment that fans of both book and show have been looking forward to for years and years. I found that the highlight of the scene was actually Ser Davos and his nonchalant delivery of Jobs title opposed to the actual unbeknown Targaryan reunion in question. I think to call it underwhelming would be quite unfair – especially on Kit Harringtons part – but it wasn’t the bang we were all expecting was it? I actually favoured Jon and Tyrions reunion over the Dany/Jon exchange.

I’m guessing that next episode Daenerys will learn of Jons significance in her life, for too many hints were dropped to suggest otherwise. Firstly there was the huge proclaiming from Jon ‘I am no Stark’ – queue huge dragon to swoop over him. Then there was Melisandres lingering – I think that she will let Daenerys know who she thinks Jon truly is. Thirdly there was Daenerys interest in Jon being stabbed. That’s sure to come up again.

Tyrion is seriously needing some military planning aid from somewhere and where better to look than in the direction of an exiled knight? Hiiiiiii Ser Jorah hun free from all that is stoney. Another great scene from Sam who has really been MVP this season in terms of consistent candidly hilarious scenes. I somehow think that those mite bitten scrolls will contain some vital information. That way he is being low key rewarded for curing Greyscale – an uncurable disease for centuries…ooook.

Back to Tyrion for one of my favourite scenes to ever grace our scenes in Game Of Thrones history. I mean it at least makes top 15. His voiceover of the battle was such a fresh and original take on a GOT battle scene and it was ever so refreshing to see. It felt as though it pumped new energy into the episode as it took on this exciting new take on the impregnation of Casterly Rock. Sidenote – I LOVED how Bronns line from S01E03 was used in this scene. All of Bronns lines should be cited over battles till the end of time. ‘Give me 10 good men, and I’ll impregnate the bitch’

I was happy to not have much footage in the ransack of Highgarden because of how great its prior action scene was. In it’s place, was a quiet yet bold scene between Jaime and Olenna. Oh Olenna you complete and utter sass ball of doom how I will miss your classic grandmother comments. Her scenes have always added a new level of class and brilliance to the show, something that will be missed in her departure. Especially now both her and Charles Dance (Tywin) are no longer on screen. I also want to make a note in saying how fab Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was in this scene. Not one to always stretch his acting scenes (minus this complete and utter showreel highlight) his facial expressions were so telling of everything he was feeling in the moment Olenna told him of her hand in Joffreys murder. Obviously he was angry that she pulled that off, but I think that the most pain came from the fact that Cersei was inches from having Tyrion murdered for the crime. Let’s be honest, Cersei isn’t stupid. I highly doubt she truly thought it was Tyrion who committed the crime, but instead she saw it as the perfect opportunity to rid the brother she has hated from the moment his birth led to their mothers childbirth death. I hope this is the start of Jaimes redemption arc. Let me hear you say ehhhhh we want valanqar!

I know it may seem as though I hate Cersei, but I actually don’t at all. In fact, she’s one of my favourite characters. She isn’t hateable in the way that Joffrey, Ramsey or Walder Frey were. She is evil to the core but something about her is so damn relatable. That’s down to Lena Headeys highly talented portrayal of her. Before this turns into a Lena Headey apprication post (and believe me it would if it could) I’ll keep on track with the episode in question…Seeing her in the cell with Eleria and Tyene was wonderful on all three accounts. In particular Ellaria and Cerseis. The actresses eyes both played huge parts in this dark and intimate scene full of rage, emotion and devastation. Notice how Cerseis eyes completely changed when she was talking about Myrcella. It was a direct callback to the way she so incredibly* played out the scene where she discovered Myrcellas fate (talked LOADS about this here.) Cersei herself realises she was letting herself feel too much and just like that she snaps back ti being the torturous bitch that she is. You can get ALL of this just from the way she used her face and eyes to tense up her characters power play in the scene. Indira Varma who plays Ellaria also gave a tortured performance of a mother scorned as she watched her beloved receive the same treatment she gave Myrcella not to long ago. Her pain and rage overtook her fear as her eyes told her emotions for us. It was a truly remarkable scene between some fantastic actresses.

Over to Winterfell we had more of Littlefinger being for lack of better words, a massive fucking weirdo. Like HONNNNESSSTLY each week he becomes less Petyr Baelish and more the guy that follows you around a club trying to tell you that ‘what is in your mind is what is on this earth’ or whatever bullshit he was trying to fill Sansa up on. Sansa doesn’t have any time for that as she weaves through Winterfell ensuring the castle was running smoothly in Jons abscence. That’s when we get the words that we’ve been waiting for…’Sansa, the gates…’ Unfortunately it wasn’t Arya standing there as I had hoped but instead a very depressing and morose Brandon Stark. I mean I’m just thrilled that Meera will get a nice nights sleep for once as heaven knows how she will have had a rough year or so pulling Bran around. So Bran. Honestly what the fuck are you doing. He is literally every student returning home to summer after trying three spliffs and went to a techno day festival. Why did he have to be so bloody daunting. I completely get that he has seen a lot of shit and in his eyes, everyones menial issues probably seem pathetic in relation to what he knows has and will happen. But come’onnnnn must you have to go IN on your sisters wedding day rape? Could he not have just told her what she had for breakfast that day? Why didn’t he immediately send a raven to Dragonstone telling of Jons heritage.

All in all the episode will nicely carry us through to next week where we will hopefully have some more Stark reunions, a Jon Snow: This Is Your Life sub episode and some lovely Brienne and Tormund interactions. What more can a girl ask for.





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