10 Times Game Of Thrones Delivered Incredible Acting

Hello to all of my loyal Game Of Thrones fan readers! As you know, GOT is one of my main blog features and I wanted to bring you something extra special as we draw closer to the start of season 7. So alas, I bring you 7 days of Game Of Thrones. Each day leading up to the 16th June, I’ll be releasing a Game Of Thrones related post. Sit back, and enjoy the countdown!  I’m kicking this whole shabang off with my ultimate favourite acting moments. There’s been many down the line but these are the scenes or shots which have particularly been stand out performances for me! This is in NO particular order…


Cersei Finding Out About Myrcellas Death

Lena Headey brings award winning moments to screen with every episode she appears in. This moment for me was one that I had to rewatch over and over again. As Jaime sails in on the boat, no words are even exchanged. Yet the look between the two is enough to let Cersei know that what she feared is true. All of her anguished pain is apparent on her face and Lena Headey is that damn good that she doesn’t even need to deliver a line to put it across. Skip to 1:00 for the exact moment I’m talking about!


Tyrion Under Trial 

Peter Dinklage is again another actor who delivers excellence in every scene he appears in. This scene is potentially one of his greatest as he stands trial for Joffreys murder. Betrayed by his lover Shae, and fuelled with years worth of pent up anger against his sister and father, he finally reaches breaking point. This is a pivitol character shifting moment for Tyrion that leads to his act of murder against both Shae and Tywin, and his eventual great escape.


Catelyn Stark Watching Rob Die

Not many things haunt me like this moment. The whole episode is for the most part largely gruelling, horrifying, sad and all other words that can only be used to describe scenes like The Red Wedding. This particular shot of Catelyn however will haunt me forever and that is how I know it was one of the greatest pieces of acting I have ever seen on television. I wanted to scream, cry and throw awards at Michelle Fairley all at once. I’ve left the whole Red Wedding carnage scene below but skip to 4:00 to watch the part I’m talking about. Everything from the desperate and pained scream she lets out, the emotionless neck slitting of Walders wife, the facial expressions – it’s all incredible.


Cersei & King Robert Talk About Lyanna

A very different Cersei to the one that we see these days, yet Lena Headeys performance is just as strong here as it is in the later seasons. She has the rare ability to be able to flit between a character that you can fucking hate with your entire being, to a character that you somehow, somewhere deep in yourself feel sorry for. Whilst this scene isn’t spectacular in its highly dramatic tension, or bloodied climaxes, it’s brilliances lies within the quiet conversation that flows from two remarkable actors. Both Mark Addy and Lena Headey join together to create an incredible Cersei Lannister and Robert Baratheon and the only sad thing is that we didn’t see more of them together. Cheers Cersei you bish.


Oberyns Death

Another hard to watch trial as we see Oberyn Martell stand as a champion for Tyrion on his battle for freedom. Oberyn has different interests as he wants to fight Ser Gregor purely to avenge his murdered sister and niece and nephews. I think the term ‘YOU RAPED HER, YOU MURDERED HER, YOU KILLED HER CHILDREN’ is embedded into most Game Of Thrones fans brains by now, but if you want to rewatch some excellent acting by Pedro Pascal then skip to 4:00. Pedro Pascals time on the show may have been short but god was it sweet.


Cersei Gets Drunk During Blackwater Battle

High up on my list of all time favourite Cersei moments is this one. The women and children are hidden safe away from harm during the Battle Of Blackwater Bay. Cersei is hitting the wine as she spends some time talking to (or rather AT) Sansa. She spits some real harsh worldly truths at Sansa. Everything from rape, to how to seduce a man into doing what you want with sex. All the while referring to Sansa as her ‘little dove’ which makes your skin crawl ever so slightly knowing how wicked Cersei is. Lena Headey skilfully delivers these dark topics with wit that she manages to pull from somewhere despite the topic of conversation.


Catelyn Talks About Jon 

One of the saddest things surrounding the character of Catelyn is that she never knew the truth behind Jon Snow. She lived a life of thinking her husband brought home his bastard child, fully unaware that it was actually a loyal and noble act in order to save his sisters Targaryan child. Sometimes I like to imagine that it was all a rouse and Catelyn in fact did know the truth because who wants to live in a world where Catelyn thought her lovely noble and loyal husband was a cheater? Anyway, in this scene in which Catelyn is talking to Jayne, she delves deep into the darkest side of herself and talks of how she wished death upon Jon as a child. How she couldn’t bring it upon herself to love him. She then goes onto say how she thinks that all the misfortune the Starks has suffered is because of her, and her broken promises. Michelle Fairley completely nails this monologue as she deals with all sorts of shame, acceptance, regret and self awareness all at once. If only you knew Cat, if only you knew.


Khal Drogo Promises Daenerys The World

Khal Drogo was another character who’s time on our screens was simply too short. Despite that, he didn’t leave before delivering us a number of scenes in which his physical presence demanded the entire screen. I know that a lot of people will say ‘anyone can storm around and speak Dothraki like that’ but Jason Momoa does it in a way which has you totally and utterly unquestioning the ways of the Dothraki. The way he delivers his speech and the confidence in his strides is perfect for a Khal and a perfect page to screen adaptation.


Jaime & Brienne Share A Bath

Now. I get very emotional whenever I say Jaime and Brienne together in a sentence because I ship them times a million.  A MILLION! This was a key moment in their relationship development (one of the best and my favourite relationship arcs in the show!) This is one of my favourite passages from the book so to see it brought to life so brilliantly by Gwendoline Christie and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was a real treat. Before season 3 Jaime wasn’t really anything but a treacherous incestuous attempted child killer . That all changed as soon as he was bound to Brienne and he lost his hand. In this scene his acting really peaked as he delves into the story behind the sacking of Kings Landing under the Mad King. The scene is dimly lit, with only Brienne as an audience member. Nikolaj delivers this monologue as pained, dirty and feverish as he looks. All his emotions both past and present spill out into the tub and into Brienne as his infected stump and the heat of the bath become too much for him. A stand out scene for Nikolaj, as well as a pivotal scene for Gwendoline as Brienne.


Maester Aemon Talks About His Identity

I mean this man is just one of the most special humans to have ever lived. He served in WW2, and there he was at 92 years old, partly blind and shooting in the biggest television show of this time. Every scene that Peter Vaughan as Maester Aemon appeared in stole the screen, and stole my heart. This one was in particular a stand out as he reveals to Jon Snow his true heritage. Jon is so young, and naive in this moment and Aemon is there to humble him. It was at this moment that Vaughan established his adaptation of Maester Aemon, and for the next five seasons his scenes grew from strength to strength. May Peter Vaughan rest in blissful peace.

Tywins First Appearance

Charles Dances first appearance on the show is a memorable one for sure. He plays Tywin with such a chilling stillness, yet all the while he is one of the characters who cause the most disruption. In this scene he is seen skinning and gutting a stag as a GORGEOUS piece of symbolism. As well as partaking in this gruesome act, he is also still fully able to belittle Jaime and making sure that his cold stern ways are very much the forefront of the scene. Charles Dance never gave a bad scene in this show and his performance as Tywin will definitely go down as one of the best page to screen adaptations in the series.


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