The Walking Dead Season 7 Finale

Season 7 of The Walking Dead has finally concluded, and I say that with a breath of relief. It’s been a long haul and both tantalising and traumatic. It’s took a long (long) time to get the plot to where it is now, and one can only hope the pace is quickened come fall.

The season began with the big reveal. Since then, not much time has passed in the show itself. Approximately 3 weeks is my guess, considering the first five episodes definitely happen within a week or less of the ole lineup. With this information, it’s easy to assume that logically the next season will slow down a notch. We have entered a story arc known in the comics as All Out War. For now, the big debate is how long Scott Gimple is going to spend on this arc and whether or not there’ll be another slow build to war or whether we’ll start season 8 with guns a blazing.

Till then, we only have the finale to ponder over. I thought it was the peak of the season and although it’s viewing numbers were down, it’s standards were definitely up in my opinion. It was extremely unfortunate that it had Wrestlemania (and the ACA’s) on the same night to battle with, as I imagine a large percentage of Wrestling fans are also TWD fans. The 90 minute special gave us a clear insight into Ricks re-found confidence, and gave us a small taste of the power of 3 (Alexandria, Hilltop & The Kingdom.)

Image: AMC

It was time to wave a big goodbye to Sonequa Martin-Green as she left our TV screens (and bounces over to the word of Star Trek.) What better exit could she have possibly wished for? Sachas deaths 100% ranks in the top main character TWD deaths of all time. I love love loved how the episode showed her final moments. The time jumps in the episode worked perfectly to honour her brave sacrifice, as well as tying in the bittersweet knowledge that she was soon to be reunited with Abraham. Sonequa played out her last episode with the cast beautifully and really did her character justice. The death itself was slightly remixed from the comics but I enjoyed how it was done. It’s a comic moment that I’d been looking forward to see translated to screen and it was adapted excellently. Everything from Negans’ last moments with her, to the Don Holloway song, to the actual opening of the casket was filmed and executed with uttermost precision. Despite not being part of the Atlanta crew, Sacha is a character thats been with us for a long time now. She has been through a lot, losing Tyreese, losing Bob and then Abraham. It was the perfect poetic goodbye to her. Her character seemed a bit foolish at the beginning of the season, and it was good to see why she had decided to spend so much time with Maggie (after learning what she said to Abraham about Maggie.) Her suicide mission was certainly not in vein and I’m glad things turned out for her the way they did. As discussed in the show, she gave everybody the chance that they badly needed.

Image: AMC

Along with a final ode to Abraham we had the beautifully eloquent eulogy of Glenn to finalise the episode, delivered wonderfully by Maggie. It was so so good to see these past characters being referenced and honoured because TWD has a tendency to ignore all former events and characters and only focus on the now. Glenn so deserved every word spoke about him & my goodness me can he just emerge from a dumpster already?! 😥

Image: AMC

The actual writing of the episode and how it played out as a whole was brilliant. For once, I found myself frustrated at what was actually happening in the story, instead of how it was being told. It was a huge relief to realise I was angry at the plot and not just the plot development, or the character progression which I have quite frankly got BORED of complaining about. The point when the garbage gang turned on Alexandria was completely unexpected and threw a real rusty spanner in the works. This is what I have missed from TWD! These turns in the road that make you sit up and pay attention to what will happen next rather than viewing on autopilot. From here we had of course the Sacha moment which swiftly moved onto my another episode highlight. CARL TAKING FIRST SHOTS! YASSSS CARL YAS! Nothing has impressed me more from Carl ever. We all know he’s a little too trigger happy at times with his teenage angst and his upbringing in the ZA, but for once he was on point with his decisions.

Image: AMC

the-walking-dead-season-7-finale-image-5-600x400As the carnage unfolded from here, there were several glorious moments largely surrounding men I fancy using big ole automatic guns. Daryl with a Toblerone shaped gun instead of a crossbow yas please. NEGAN with a gun yas yas please. To see both these characters out of there usual stances (more so Negan here) shook things up good and proper. As much as I adore Jeffrey Dean Morgans portrayal of Negan, it was lovely to see him out of his usual lean back stance. We’ve not seen him in action like this so far so it gave his character a big refreshing boost as well. It was also great see him alongside Simon for once. Both actors are too good not have their scenes correlate. They really reminded me of like a Captain Hook & Mr Smee scenario. Negans surprise to see Maggie was as comical as ever. It sure was a goosebumps moment to see a pregnant Maggie storm in with her own mini army.

Image: AMC

Another personal highlight for me was Khary Payton as King Ezekiel. The casting here is just fannnnnnnnnnntastic. His entrance was Rohan worthy. It was glorious. I could watch it over and over. Alongside King ‘zeks intrusion was of course Shiva. I know I complained about how shitty the CGI had been throughout the course of this season (that deer cum’on) but it was well worth it for the Shiva action in the finale. Shiva was of course the key to interrupting what is often referred to as ‘The Second Lineup.’ Rick  doesn’t back down as he has another nose to nose moment with Negan. It was obvious that Carl would never die because he is bubble wrapped in plot armour. It was however, good to see how both Rick and Carl almost dismissively accepted the threat and the death, and still were relentless enough to convey to Negan that he WILL.NOT.WIN…Ricks beard is back and he’s as savage as ever. Bring on the war.


I’ll be discussing in the future where the show will most likely go from here, so keep checking back for more on my The Walking Dead series, and thanks for tuning in so far! 




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