The Walking Dead S07E14


The latest episode of TWD was by far the most developmental of the second half of the series. It was much like many of the older episodes earlier in the show where the tone of the episode began light and hopeful, and then something would happen to quickly stir in some intensity. This happened right at the beginning with Daryl & Maggie hiding for their lives in the bunker. After a no dialogue opening, with glimpses of life at The Hilltop, the pace picked up quickly with the saviour invasion, tying alongside Sacha and Rosita’s great escape. I have seen stronger uses of silent introductions before (For example Game Of Thrones S06E10: The Winds Of Winter) however it still made for an interesting beginning.

It was nice to see Sacha and Rosita talk out their issues and resolve whatever they had going on. This is usually a clear inclination for an imminent death, therefore when both of them survived the episode, it was unsurprising (considering the way the show as been going lately.) – yet still disappointing. What seems to be a consistent feeling after each episode of the past few seasons is a feeling of incomplete. There are rarely episodes that give us everything in one episode that’s needed for us to feel a sense of accomplishment in viewing the show. For example, we are often set up for the deaths of characters for around 3 episodes before discovering their ultimate fate. I’m not just talking about Glenn/Abraham but like now, with Sasha and Rosita. It’s pretty clear that ‘one can’t live whilst the other survives’ so why not just complete it all in that episode? The show has span long enough to be able to kill off major characters in one episode and still retain audience attraction. Quick deaths like Andreas, Dales, Shanes, Loris were what made the show so exciting (and obviously heartbreaking at times.) That’s exactly the complaint made towards show-runner Scott Gimple time and time again who refuses to deliver change.

I’m happy with the move that Sacha pulled however as out of the two, I’d rather see Rosita in the show as I’m not sure what else Sachas character can give anymore. The dwelling figure that seems to have discovered Rosita in the final moment of the episide is presumably Dwight. It’ll be intersting to see which way his character will turn next.

It was refreshing to see some location jumping as we steer away from yet another bottle episode. Daryl & Maggie’s interaction was extremely emotional & I loved seeing him fall apart like that. Hopefully from this we see Daryl lose some of is guilt that has been holding him back this past season since Glenns death. We had confirmation from this when we see him bold and demanding answers from Jesus, crossbow in tow.


I was glad to see Eugene stick with the saviours and why wouldn’t he for now? He’s being treated well, he’s in a position of power and he’s building up trust with Negan. He’s in a perfect position for the beginning of war. It would be completely stupid for him to have escaped there and then, after all the strength he has used to get to where he is in The Sanctuary.

I think for a lot of fans the next two (and final) episodes of the season are going to be make or break. I’ve seen a lot of people discussing online that the future of them viewing the show is dependant on how this current series finale goes down. Comic readers will know that we are currently leading up to a story arc called ‘All Out War’ – there is mass debate about whether this war will go ahead across the next two episodes, or whether there’ll simply be a build up and carried across next season.

All I know is that I am BEGGING for no cliffhangers at the end. No ‘is Negan dead’ and certainly no ‘Is Rick dead.’ It’ll really add insult to injury (and offence) if the audience are mistreated that way again. I’m just praying that a certain character will follow a certain comic book death…Holly = Sacha…That’s all I’m saying!



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