The Walking Dead S07E11


Yep, yep, yep, I LOVED this episode. Despite it’s one location setting, it didn’t feel suffocating at all! Mostly due to the excellent talent that both Josh McDermitt and Jeffrey Dean Morgan hold. I do think that there could have been interjections of plot from other locations e.g Hilltop, or Alexandria, but it wasn’t as bad as some of the other bottle episodes have been. It was also important for us to see Eugenes ability to change and to adapt to survive, an element that his character has discussed so much during his time on our screens. He knew he had to make a decision whether he was going to cower in front of Negan, or once and for all get his shit together and play the long game.

The first scene in which Eugene and Laura converse about Eugenes dinner needs was actually hilarious. Both actors delivered quick fire dialogue which had a dry yet comical effect. It was a really great way to begin the episode & entirely down to the delivery from both actors.


Eugene was tested several times throughout the episode, without withering in the slightest. Rick would be so damn proud. I do think he seemed to enjoy being able to put his scientific and intellectual abilities to play for a moment, as it’s not a side of himself that is often shown in Alexandria’s highly combated driven action plans. We see that a few of Negan’s wives are also keen to see Negan offed, which is unsurprising considering they are basically sex slaves. Yet this shows more cracks in the sanctuary beginning to appear, especially with the addition of Dwights lies.


Dwight and Sherry’s non-interaction was very poetic and emotion fuelled and I think thats the showrunners way of letting us know to prepare for Dwight to join Alexandria. His loyalty to Negan lessens day by day , and it was good to have a further look into Wights character, yet it probably didn’t need so long to do so. Especially considering we have had several of these ‘delve into Dwight moments’ so far.

It really pissed me off when Negan killed Dr Carson because why? Surely even Negan would understand how precious doctors are in the Z-Apocoplyse so to dispose of one so frivolously was extremely annoying and unrealistic. They are no doubt going to scoop up Dr Carsons brother, Dr Carson from Hilltop and thus leave Maggie without a doctor. We’ve only seen one birth without medical assistance so far in TWD, and it was Maggie who was the helping hand. Who knows how things will pan out when delivering baby Rhee with no doctor in sight…



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