Love Actually – Where are they now?

So as you may be aware, Love Actually is reprising for a mini sequel in aid of Red Nose Day. This was naturally the best thing that’s happened to me this week so I’ve decided to celebrate by exploring where the original cast are now. 

This week pictures of Liam Neeson, Olivia Olson and Thomas Brodie – Sangster have been released filming, which comes alongside the confirmed returns of Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Rowan Atkinson, Martine McCutcheon, Keira Knightley, Andrew Lincoln, Bill Nighy, Lucia Moniz, and Chiwetel Ejiofor. 

Let’s see what they’ve been up for the past 14 years...

Olivia Olson – Joanna

Credit: Universal
Credit: Instagram

Olivia Olson stole hearts of a nation with her rendition of All I Want For Chirstmas Is You. Since then, she had a successful seven year stint on Adventure Time as well as numerous other voice over gigs including Phineas & Furb. Clearly her biggest endeavour though was playing ‘Girl #1’ on Zoey 101.


Lucia Moniz – Aurelia 

Since Love Actually, Lucia Moniz has mostly stuck to indie films as she has been concentrating on her music. She has released 2 more albums since Love Actually and did you know she sung at the 1999 Eurovision contest? Go on Aurelia hun.

Credit: Universal
Credit: Instagram


Emma Thompson – Karen

What’s Emma Thompson been doing since Love Actually? Well running the world obviously. This is slightly INSULTING to suggest that Love Actually was a peak for her but hey-ho, if I have an opportunity to discuss Emma Thompson then I will. Since 2003 she has featured in a great number of hugely successful films like yano, HARRY POTTER, Nanny McPhee, Brave, the list is endless. This year will also see her play the dream Emma Thompson role of Mrs Potts in the remake of Beauty and The Beast. F E E L S! Sing to me Mrs Potts!

Credit: Universal
Ben A. Pruchnie / Getty Images

Hugh Grant – David


Credit: Universal

Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Hugh Grants best year since 2003 is arguably this year which sees him in Oscar Nominated film Florence Foster Jenkins alongside the queen of all Meryl Streep. He landed himself a nomination at the Globes for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy, sadly losing out to Ryan Gosling.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster- Sam

Credit: Universal
Credit: HBO


LOOK AT THAT LITTLE SMILE OH MY GOODNESS HE WAS SO CUTE. Thomas Sangsters career has absolutely soared since Love Actually, featuring in hit movies and TV shows alike. He has worked on movies such as Nanny McPhee and The Maze Runner. He was then of course the lovely Jojen Reed on HBOs Game Of Thrones.

Liam Neeson – Daniel


Credit: Universal

Credit: Getty

It’s quite obvious what Liam Neeson has been up to in the past 13 years because well, everything. From Taken, to Star Wars, to Batman to The Lego Movie, to Silence. Is there anything he hasn’t done? Neeson forever ❤


Martine McCutcheon – Natalie


Credit: Univeral

Credit: Youtube

Martine McCutcheon has side stepped the acting career for now, and replaced it for TV hosting. Her last major acting gig was for drama seres Echo Beach in 2008. She is now a Loose Woman regular panel member.

Keira Knightley – Juliet


Credit: universal

Credit: Matrix Pictures

Love Actually aired the same year as Pirates Of The Caribbean, thus being a huge year for Keira. Since then, she has starred in two POTC sequels and an array of films from period pieces to contemperary. She has been nominated for two oscars for her work on both The Imitation Game (2015) and Pride & Prejudice (2006) One of my fave Keira Knightley moments from the past few years is when she rewore her wedding dress over and over. In fact, it was a dress she already owned when she tied the knot. It was an absolutely GORGE blush pink tulle skirt Chanel dress. Sadly the dress is now retired as upon it’s last outing, Keiras friend spilt red wine down it. Sad times.

Andrew Lincoln – Mark


Credit: Universal

Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’ll know that since Love Actually, Andrew Lincoln has swapped his south London accent for a Southern American one as he has STORMED into the world of television. He is doing an incredible incredible job of playing Rick Grimes on Hit TV shows The Walking Dead. A role that I endlessly campaign for high recognition for AKA he deserves every award ever for this portrayal. I feel like I spend enough time taking about him on my blog so I shall leave it as that.

Bill Nighy – Billy Mackloveactually_nighybill_nighy_a_p

I feel as though Bill Nighy will entertain us on screen until the end of time. He has appeared in SIXTY FIVE films since Love Actually and a number of them were huge successes. Harry Potter, About Time, The Boat That Rocked, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Hot Fuzz, Sean Of The Dead. The list is endless.

Rodrigo Santaro – Karl

Credit: Universal
Credit: HBO

Well hello fittest person my 11 year old eyes had ever seen before. Like no joke I was fully and utterly obsessed with Karl upon first viewing of this wonderful film. Can you even IMAGINE the delight that filled my entire being when he cropped up as a heavily featured supporting role on HBO’s Westworld this year? Not only that but it seems like he will feature in the next season two!!! It’s a miracle! As a side note I would like to bring to your attention that during the research of this post, it was discovered that Santaro is FOURTY FUCKING ONE YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!! YOU WHAT! Oh Brazil you incredible country.

Martin Freeman – John


Credit: Universal


Martin Freeman is a fine example of a British actor to take the big screen by storm. He has most recently starred front and centre of The Hobbit trilogy which despite not being anywhere near as good LOTR, was still an honourable role to play.  We saw him fill the very small shoes of Bilbo Baggins (yes I know that Hobbits don’t wear shoes.) As well as that, Martin plays against Benedict Cumberbatch in the BBC adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock. It is there that I enjoy Freeman the most.

Chiwetel Ejiofor – Peter


Credit: Universal


Chiwetel is another Love Actually actor to continue working on the big screen as he joined the casts of huge movies such as American Gangster and 12 Years A Slave. Most recently he has picked up another role playing a ‘Peter’ but this time in Garth Davis production of Mary Magdalene that will be expected for release later this year. He starts alongside of Rooney Mara (Mary Magdalene) and Joaquin Pheonix (Jesus)


Joanna Page – Judy

Credit: Universal
Credit: David M Bennett Getty Images

These days, Joanna Page is most notably known for her work on British comedy series Gavin & Stacey. That was probably the peak of her career as she hasn’t done an awful lot of film work since. She can now be heard on TV advert voiceovers as well as appearing on a few British dramas here and there.

January Jones – Jeannie


Credit: Universal

Credit: David Livingstone Getty Images

January Jones who had a minor role in Love Actually has gone on to be hugely successful in other film & TV. She copped herself a Golden Globe nomination for her work on Mad Men and has featured in films such as The Boat That Rocked, and X-Men: First Class.


The Love Actually sequel is set to air on Red Nose Day, yet it is with a heavy heart that director Richard Curtis decided not to draw reference to Alan Rickmans character. He spoke with the Press Association about the subject:

“You know dealing with Alan is very complicated, so not really… We’re not [involving] everyone. We’re doing about two thirds of people. Ems [Thompson] isn’t in it. She just can’t do it.”

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