Australia Zoo

Hiiiiii guys and gals

I’ve had a few weeks off posting on my blog as I’ve been settling down in Australia, as well as celebrating Christmas & New Year but now I’m back and raaaaring to tell you about everything I’ve been up to, and everything we have to look forward to these next few months (Awards Season eek!)

I’ve already done sooo much fun stuff over here and have a lot more cool things planned out too! The first thing I want to share with you all is THE BEST PLACE ON EARTH AKA Steve Irwins Australia Zoo. I first went about ten years ago and ever since the day I left, I’ve been wanting to go back so it was one of the first things to get done on my ozzie to do list. 

I am NO advocate of animals in captivity but Australia Zoo is unlike any other in the world. It’s whole focus is to concentrate on the protection and conservation of all things bright and beautiful. The zoo was opened 40 years ago by the Irwin family and continues to grow today funding  multiple conservation projects including crocs, tigers, wombats, elephants, cheetahs & many more. 

The zoos mission is…

‘Our vision is that Australia Zoo will become the ultimate global zoological destination and in doing so, become world leaders in conservation, relating to both wildlife and their habitat.’

Take a peek at the vlog I made in which you can see all of the highlights from my FAB day at the zoo…



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