Oasis Exhibition

I attended an event hosted by Scotts Menswear at the Oasis Exhibition that was being hosted at Old Granada Studios. We had access to the exhibition in full, and were then treated to an exclusive screening of Mat Whitecross’ most recent musical film venture ‘Supersonic’

My friends Khloe, Amie and I are huuuuge Oasis fans so it was an absolute delight to soak up all the bands culture in the heart of Manchester. The exhibition itself was something special, boasting everything from vintage ticket stubs to music video props to the entire replica set of the Definitley Maybe album artwork.

The film was no doubt a Mat Whitecross project who has excelled in the past with the likes of Sex & Drugs & Rock’n’Roll, and Spike Island. His quirky directorial patterns were evident throughout the documentary style film, and the overall effect was artistic, humourous, with an energy that could only be rounded off by the Gallagher brothers.

This film shows the good, the bad and the ugly, but if anything, you see the authenticity of the bands somewhat humble beginings. The film grinds to a halt in 1996 after the infamous Knebworth concert. For reasons unknown, the years 1997-2009 are swiftly unmentioned and the film surrounds their rise to fame right up to their biggest concert. There is no mention of wives, children or their later material & work which keep the film young and optimistic. The entanglement of personal lives isnt highlighted, other to discuss the minor breakdowns of the band when the fame, drugs and lifestyle begin to take a toll.

Whether you’re a fan os Oasis or not, the film is excellent in helping to understand the type of relationshup Liam and Noel had. With narrations overlayed by both brothers, and Mother Peggy, we are introduced and talked through the life they led to bring them to where they are today and how it is all part of the legacy that they remain to hold.




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