NYX Glam Halloween Inspiration!

Hi Hunzzzz!

It’s nearly Halloween and if you’re stuck for some makeup ideas check out this glam one I had done at NYX! I looooove NYX products so I was thrilled to be invited down to check out there hottest A/W products which of course can be doubled up as halloween looks!

I love this makeup look as a toned down vampy glam if you don’t want to go FULL THROTTLE scary then this look is perfect






Using the NYX ultimate smokey shadow pallete, create a winged out smokey eye. This can be brought out as far as you like. We added intensity to my look by lining my waterline with gel eyeliner. You can achieve a similar effect using a kohl pencil, and then setting it with black eyeshadow. Blend the liner down and out for ultimate smoulder.


Jazz up the inner corners of your eye using an NYX glitter pot – I love this red!


This NYX lip butter gloss doubles up as the perfect fake blood alternate! Apply a small amount under your eyes to get this bleeding tears effect. When it comes to removing it later on, make sure you wipe in a downwards motion to avoid eye irritation!



We used the HD foundation in 001 on my face which is the lightest colour in this range. HD foundation has a really smooth finish so that along with the colouring was perfect for this vampy look. I was actually majorly into being this pale I feel like I’m definately going to invest in this shade for when I fancy a different look. HINT: If you’re rocking a lighter face remember to remove any fake tan to avoid looking ridic! If you cant go out without some form of coverage on your body I recommend investing in a good quality body foundation!


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