The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere

warning: graphic images


WELL THEN. What a night. What an episode. Entitled “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be” it takes direct reference from a line said by  Dr Jenner in season 1. Remember Rick said he was grateful the scientist let them leave and choose life over imminent explosion? This line was his reply to Ricks gratitude. Creepy huh.  Whilst the whole gang displayed an incredible amount of incontrovertible talent, three individual performances deserve to be noted.

Firstly, Andrew Lincoln as Rick. We have seen Lincoln express a huge array of emotion during his post apocalyptic time, yet this may be his most remarkable expression yet. What was particularly notable was the shift in terror that was portrayed before and after the scene with Carl and his arm. It was exactly how Negan described it. He wanted to see Rick REALLY feel and understand the consequences of his actions and even though he was clearly already distraught following the deaths, his performance shifted even further once he was faced with his son and an axe. The fact that Andrew Lincoln could display these two different levels of despair was hugely impressive. Many actors can play either ‘saddened’ or ‘devastated’, but in tonights episode we saw him push through the levels of devastation in a way that makes the episode as a whole that much more raw and profound.

twd0701-2207Lauren Cohan as Maggie also gave an astounding performance. Maggie has had to watch the majority of her extended family be killed AS WELL as watching her beloved father be beheaded, and the aftermath of her sisters shooting. Still, Lauren Cohan is able to give an equally as pained and even more so tortured performance as she watches her baby daddy die in one of the most violent & horrific deaths to ever grace TV. Let us not forget that she is also going through a PREGNANCY TRAUMA!!!!! Kudos to Lauren Cohan for pulling all this off and breaking my heart into a million pieces.

twd0701-1144Finally we can observe Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan for an entire episode and my God was he good. His every word was full of tantalising terror which clashed against his charismatic smile. I don’t hate him. Why don’t I hate him? I’ve hated people way more for doing way less. This is a nod towards how we will continue to be manipulated by Negan throughout the rest of his TWD stint and I don’t doubt that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is going to be the best he could be. I look forward to him exploring Negans personality and life both before and after the apocolypse so that we can even for one moment begin to try and understand the psychopath that he is.

In terms of production value, it was the usual high quality formatting that we have gotten used to this far into the series. The use of flashbacks seem very outdated now as they’ve been used in many instances before earlier in the show, therefore they didnt evoke that much emotion in me. The imagery of each character being bludgened in Ricks mind was also un-necerssary in my opinion. It pretty much took away the potency of Glenn and Abrahams deaths by throwing so much violence at us it was almost desensitising and made the real deaths harder to differentiate. I did however enjoy the subtle reminder of Rick and Glenns first meeting as we saw him lay on top of the RV in a similar shot to when he first emerges from the tank back in S01 Atlanta (oh God I’m crying again)


One thing that ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY broke me down was the flash-forward which was NOT FAIR OR NEEDED OR APPROPRIATE IN TERMS OF MY SOUL BEING TORN APART.

The SFX team absolutely nailed their side of production with Glenn looking exactly how he did in the comic strip. I’m so sorry for repainting all of these images in your brain but credit where credits due, the makeup team rock.


In terms of plot, I was slightly disappointed that after having to wait 6 months for the big reveal, we had to wait another 20 minutes before finding out who took the beating. Yes, it’s very sad that Abraham has left us. Mostly because he was a great source of comedic input that the show gravely needed. However if he were to stay,  I’m not sure how well his character could further develop as the show broadens vastly this season with new location introductions. Let’s not discuss how brave and wonderful he was right to his last second where he flips Sasha the peace sign one last time because i’ll definitely start – too late – crying again.


I’m very emotionally numb right now so this is why I may be taking this view of things but I was pretty disappointed with Glenns death. Not in Steven Yeuns performance in any way (which has been constantly outstanding through all 6 seasons) but I feel it was lost in everything that happened moments before. Between Rosita being mocked by Negan  (the most terrifying thing) , and Daryls throw about, it happened too fast. The initial blow wasn’t even front and centre and was done with a long shot! I just felt as though the entire scene (as shown below) was too much for my weary eyes to take in.


Glenn brought so much to the entire show. His importance as a character is an entire blogpost in itself so I will leave you with this. Those beautiful and heartbreaking last words.

I couldn’t be happier that Daryl left this episode alive. He is about to go through some SERIOUS CHARACTER BUILDING SHIT that I don’t think I’m ready to see it. Captured by Negan and with the weight of Glenns death on his shoulders, it’s definitely going to be a struggle for him but I can see so many interesting storylines developing from this. I think this capture is one of the best decisions the showrunners have made in a long time and it’ll definitely produce some very emotional Daryl scenes. Can you actually DEAL with his reaction when he sees Negan go for Glenn instead of him?! Great. Crying again.

I’m going to ignore the whole “fetch my axe” song and dance because it was nothing more than a filler really. It could have had a lot more depth if it ended (or began) with Rick having his hand chopped off. I was absolutely certain this would happen, and for a few moments I thought that it had! There was so much focus on his hand yet AGAIN.


Instead, we watched a wonderful and emotional scene between Rick Carl and Negan which screamed Biblical references of Abraham and Isaac as we waited to see if Rick would maim his own son. Major props to Carl for being an all round top hun throughout the entire episode. That hug with Maggie. Babes </3

Overall I was largely  depressed/heartbroken/wounded/terrified/hurt impressed  with tonights episode and I can’t wait to see the next episode entitled “The Well.” As Negan said…”You have 1 week” 1 week to get over six seasons of nothing but love for Glenn. I hope you all recover in good time.


*all images belong to AMC*

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