My Guide To All The New Autumn Shows

With the arrival of Autumn, we also have the arrival of all the new TV shows (AS WELL as the return of all our faves) Heres the shows that I’ll be watching!


We all know that anything Louis CK touches turns to gold, or rather comedy gold, therefore I had high hopes for his new comedy which premiered on FX 8/9. The show is co-created with Pamela Adlon who is no stranger to working magically with Louis. Adlon plays a mother of three (Sam) who is trying to balance her acting work with raising three daughters AS well as trying to maintain her love life. The pilot was insanely strong. It’s clear from this first episode that we are dealing with a very talented cast which is apparent   in particular in the no dialogue scenes. For example, when Sam is waiting for a text back,  Joni Mitchell is playing in the background, and I’m instantly hooked on her reactions. This all round great writing, and even better song choice allow us to connect with Sam on a personal level which is a high achievement for a pilot episode.



Probably one of the most interesting TV pick ups of the year. This show began airing on vimeo as a no to low budget production. HBO, being HBO, went to of their way and commissioned six new episodes as well as making the original 19 episodes fully available on their streaming service HBO GO. The series follows an un-named weed dealer and his varied clientele around New York. Episodes in the web series varied from 2 minutes long to full half hour shows. It’s one of the most innovative and fresh programmes I’ve ever seen. It’s fascinating to follow the dealer around meeting all of these new people and peeking tiny glimpses of their lives.  The HBO series is set to be aimed at both regular viewers and new viewers, but why not backtrack and whiz the incredible original series whilst you wait? High Maintenance airs on HBO 16/09


WESTWORLD | HBO | 2.10.16

And here we have it. “The New Game Of Thrones” as it’s being referred as throughout the press. The tantalising trailer only fuels this statement as it entices the viewer with action, mystery and thrillsWith an impressive cast, this show will be number 1 on everyones watch list. Anthony Hopkins, James Marsden, Evan Rachel Wood and Thandie Newton are a few of the actors who all take to the screen to deliver this ambitious production. The show is based on the Michael Crichton movie (1973) of the same name. The story bases itself around a wild west themed amusement park which is populated by androids who have developed to a human-like level. The androids spend their days helping the parks patrons act out their darkest fantasies. The cross genre of sci-fi and western make room for plenty of storylines and action therefore the opportunity this show has is it make it completely epic in its time. If theres one thing we know its that HBO don’t do things by half so expect BIG things. By the time (if)  we’re all hooked and season 3 comes around, Game Of Thrones will be ending and this just might soften the blow (who am I kidding?)


The brilliant and endlessly talented Donald Glover has created a 10 episode show for FX surrounding 2 cousins trying to make it big on the Atlanta rap scene. Glover plays Earn Marks who is managing his cousin Alfred Marks (Brian Tyree Henry) The first two episodes premiered on 6/9 to incredible reviews. Donald Glover is as hypnotising as ever , and together with the influence of Japanese director Hiro Murai, the finishing effect is almost dreamlike. This was probably FX’s most highly anticipated release this Autumn and I can’t rate it highly enough.



Designated Survivor is rounding up 24 fans all over the world as Kiefer Sutherland begins his new role – as the president of the United States. In this White House drama, an attack on America leaves the unsuspecting Tom Kirkman as President in a time of war, chaos and fear. If conspiracy thrillers are your thing, then this show is for you.


DIVORCE | HBO | 9.10.16

While the IMDB show summary sounds horrendously boring; “A couple goes through a long,drawn out divorce” – I’m still counting soon this show as being one of my winter vices. Firstly because yano, Sarah Jessica Parker, who is making her VERY FIRST return to television since SATC ended (and also returning to HBO!) Secondly, I’m really interested in how Sharon Horgans writing will pan out across the series. If you’re looking for a show to mull around over after too many hot ciders at the christmas markets, then this will be the one for you. Whilst branded as a comedy series, I’m sure we will have the SJP drama that we know and love embedded throughout her performance.


THIS IS US | NBC | 20.09.16

If you didn’t cry at the trailer then are you even human is the general theme I’m going to go for here. NBC’s show follows 5 interconnected stories as they deal with lifes trials and tribulations. We are invited to see how each characters lives are all spent on their 36th birthday. From the director and writer of Crazy, Stupid, Love expect to be flung back to a time when romance in Hollywood was simpler. Fogalman told the Huffington Post “We have a lot of heavy, weighty, or dark stuff in our high-end entertainment these days. I think with everything going on in the world, maybe it’s a good time for a show with heart and some humour that is just about people” 



Netflix’s new £100million show is reported as its biggest ever yet. The show will begin during the early days of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign and the hopes are to eventually take us up to the present day. Six series each containing 10 episodes are set to tell us the inside story of Buckingham Palace &  10 Downing Street. After the raging success of Downton Abbey in America, Netflix executives were eager to launch a new wave of British drama across the pond. The Queen is being played by Clare Foy and a young prince Phillip will be portrayed by Matt Smith. The Royals are said “to be nervous” about the release of the show. Coming to Netflix 4/11/2016

THE YOUNG POPE | HBO & SKY | 21.10.16

The young pope is another of HBO’s big releases this year.Together with Sky, HBO have took on the story of the first American Pope. Jude Law picks up the role of Pius XIII or Lenny Belardo as he was known in his hometown of America. We see this controversial story pan out as Academy Award winning director Paolo Sorrentino depicts a story of “The clear signs of Gods existence. The clear sign of Gods absence. How faith can be searched and lost.” Diane Keaton stars as Sister Mary, a US Nun now living in Vatican City. Airs 21/10/2016

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