Edinburgh Fringe

Edinburgh Fringe Fest is one of the most exciting events in British Summertime. A whole month dedicated to comedy, theatre, art and performance. The bustled streets of Edinburgh are full of creatives who are there to either perform or appreciate performance and every year it seems to become even more special. This year I did the fringe with my three beautiful cousins Emily, Lauren & Olivia.My performance highlight was f*cking men which I’ve already spoke about on my blog. Here are a few shots incase you missed out on my snapchats of our time there.





I also wanna shout out wagamamas for feeding our very hungry selves during the festival. We had the absolute BEST service from the loveliest waitress (hey Naomi!) She talked us through all the new dishes and recommended how she would personally cook them to cater our individual tastes (girl bye Coriander!) With such a huge vegan range  Olivia was able to have a fully tailored meal to satisfy her herbivore needs. Take a look at how delicious this food looks! Thanks to everyone at Wagamamas PR & the Edinburgh branch or giving us an unforgettable experience. PS Thankyou for all the tips you gave us for our trip to Japan this winter!



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