Suicide Squad

There once was a time when bad reviews could be quietened by buying all the newspapers at the stand or sweet-talking a critic over a white wine spritzer at the Beverly Wiltshire; nowadays, you only have to wake up and look at your phone to have the abrasive  opinions of everyone and anyone projected over social media for all of the world to see. People who may never read a printed movie review will take headlines and repeat them endlessly until everyone knows not to see that film “cause it’s meant to be shit”. So with that, it’s difficult to watch a film without already having preconceived thoughts surrounding it.

Suicide Squad is a lively comic book movie – albeit one that is undermined by plot holes and uneven execution of action, character, and comedy” – Ben Kendrick Screen Rant

As I hope I have made apparent, the storytelling that brings all these characters together so quickly is lazy to the point of professional negligence” – Christopher Orr The Atlantic

“The result would love to be badass, but it winds up feeling sour, dark, and thin, like a cup of cold coffee.” – Anthony Lane The New Yorker

I saw Suicide Squad 24 hours after the reviews were out and I was by then fully prepared for the shoddy film production I was about to see. My expectations were so low that I was  impressed by some elements of the film which were actually really entertaining. That’s not to say that there was a dark cloud hanging above the entire production. Shamelessly producers cut some critical scenes at the last moment such as character building scenes with Boomerang, Killer Croc and El Diablo. Also cut were scenes depicting a deeper understanding to Junes enchantress situation – inevitably, the plot became lost.

The first 20 minutes of the show were actually really well put together. I enjoyed the sharp, swift introductions of the characters we’ve so longly anticipated. Thfirst song played is one of my favourite TV & film soundtracks so I was thrilled to see it placed here.


Margot Robbies intro was one of the films stronger moments. The set design was perfect with it’s double caged cell, harsh lighting and stone chamber, it stripped her down to raw manic beauty. (I just basically thought it was very Sound Of The Underground music video)  It makes me so sad because she holds so much potential playing a character like Harley Quinn. It’s a coveted job and not made easy when horrendous writing and basic cinematography are all working against you. Margot was easily screen grabbing and I liked the quirks she added to the character. It’s just a shame that the film surrounding her let her down. She will however, be Halloween goals forever.


Here we have the brilliant Jared Leto exchanging horrendous dialogue with Margot Robbie.

Ohhhhhhh Jared, Jared, Jared. Even with green hair and a grin of gold you are still so beautiful. I was as nervous as the rest of the world to see how well he’d do with the pressure of following a succession of incredible jokers. You could totally tell that Jared put his entire being into this role. The direction that they went with for his take on The Joker really surprised and impressed me. The gangster feel to his slick, expensive lifestyle was unexpected but really made him feel all the more “real” in the sense that he wasn’t just a phantom villain from the streets. Another big let down of the film was the amount of screentime Jared had as The Joker. Considering the amount of effort that had gone into the building of his character (not to mention the hype) to see him only have around fifteen minutes of screen time was hugely disappointing. I’m not sure whether many of his scenes were cut or whether it was only an introduction for future Joker based films. Either way, his absence was torturous. I thought that the chemistry between Jared and Margot was nothing spectacular and explosive as it should have been. Had I been directing, I would have sent the two of them to a shack with all the drugs alcohol and money necessary for them to build a crazy relationship of their own and develop their characters TOGETHER and not just individually like it seems.

Will Smith provided an all round balanced performance. Nothing seemed to stretch his abilities but I enjoyed how his character became the grounding point for the others. The film went downhill when he was shooting the targets as requested by Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) and for some unknown reason the sound editors decided to shoot his bullets off beat throughout Black Skinhead. Why?  This is the point I knew that the film was doomed for failure. Viola Davis was a bad ass for most of the film (as she is for all of life) Her ruthless decisions moved the plot along more than any other characters so for that I guess we can be thankful.

Diablo was perhaps one of the more interesting characters in the film yet his storyline also finished up being dampened. It wasn’t just Diablo who suffered at the hands of the writers as Boomerang was left with lines to send shivers down your back. The cringiness of the “humour” he was supposed to expel left me with my head in my hands. Perhaps the worst writing card of all was handed to poor Cara Delevigne who has been at the front line of the bad review brigades showering her with negative comments. I don’t think it was necerssarily her fault that she came across so badly (even though her performance was extremely average and she could have been easily replaced) it was the fact that every 20 minutes she was forced to close her eyes and whisper “enchantress.” This made me cringe more than all of Boomerangs lines which says a lot. WHY DIDN’T THEY JUST GIVE HER A MADE UP WORD TO SAY? COULD SHE HAVE NOT WHISPERED IN SOME DOTHRAKI-ESQUE LANGUAGE THAT WOULD ACTUALLY SOUND COOL AND NOT BE A LITERAL SUICIDE TRIGGER? Poor girl. There’s been enough said about her so I won’t go on, but seriously writers, get your shit together.

Take what you will from my opinion on this film, but let us not forget some of the atrocities. I won’t deny that some parts of this film did provide entertainment but ideally the next in the series should solely be surrounding Harley an The Joker with an entirely different creative team. Thankyou.


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