Quincy Music


This week I want to highlight Manchester based music business Quincy who specialise in the reproduction of classic and boutique stringed instruments. They also have newly-designed guitars, basses, ukuleles and banjos. I know a lot of you guys love all things music so I wanted to spread the word about this awesome independent family run company. Lead designer Quincy Gutiez has worked in the guitar industry for nearly 50 years and now channels all he’s learnt along the way into these instruments.

Quincy are launching their brand new site in Autumn 16 where you’ll be able to keep updated with all things strings. Quincy have started to launch their own limited edition ZX range which boasts electric guitars/basses which all come with slight customs. Whether it be customised scratch plate, truss rod cover or control knob, you’re sure to be impressed with their unique creations. 

You can pop down to their showroom which is available for appointments or check them out on the following sites: Ebay, Amazon or Quincy

Be sure to give them a like on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest news & comps!

HW custom range with full body customisation! The design is created and applied using a specially formulated technology to ensure the best imagery possible as well as outstanding quality.



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