If you haven’t already seen the new The Walking Dead trailer for season 7 then I strongly advise you watch before reading any further. 

Like most people, I was unaware what to expect. How do you preview the next season after finishing a season with such uncertainty. The flashbacks brought back some of the emotion that I’d anticipated losing after an 8 month break. My main argument (which I discussed here in full) against the cliffhanger ending was that I’d never be able to muster up the same emotional investment and passion towards the big reveal, opposed to if it had happened instantaneously. With any season break, you lose a certain attachment to the show in question as the months roll on and the new shows come in. It was a very bad gamble to take. The small clips shown in this video help us reattach ourself to the life that is so easily consumable as we re-explore the character dynamics between the dreaded lineup. For the most part, the scenes that were chosen to be referenced were the usual love conquer all general theme as we see Glenn and Maggie embrace, Rick and Carl have nice enough father and son moments. Characters such as Sasha, Rosita, Abraham and Aaron are given flashbacks that generally just add to the drama and not so much the speculation of their fates. Daryl’s chosen flashback selection was quite unusual as it played on a side to his personality that is often subtly hinted at, opposed to outright exposed. We see him pick the flower he claims grew for Carols daughter, and then we see him holding baby Judith. Two very sensitive occasions for the cross-bow yielding apocalyptic adonis. (If you’re reading this AMC I will personally turn up at you’re door to give you 101 reasons why you should keep Daryl alive in the event that you decide to cave his skull in.) 

The trailer works around the fact that we don’t know who will make it to season 7 and involves a mix of footage surrounding what we can expect from the likes of Carol, Morgan and Jesus next season. We are shown Carol who was edited in nicely with an almost psychotic “I don’t know what the hell is going on here in the most wonderful way”

We were shown clips of new character King Ezekiel and his pet tiger. I’m excited to see it in all it’s CGI’d glory but from what we saw, it all looks very high quality. “The Kingdom” will be a fresh of breath air with the introduction of new characters and location points. Our Walking Dead world is about to get a lot bigger. 

Another interesting inclusion in the trailer was Tara and Heaths story. Last we saw of them, they were headed on a run and this was before anything kicked off with the rest of the group. Will either of them survive? We saw them both in some pretty racy (and not the good kind) of moments so it’s doubtful they will both return (especially since Heath has been cast in a new Fox show.) 

The flash shot of Enid was also a worry as her elusive manner may lead the group into even more trouble next season. Is she the poor lost girl she puts across or is there still a deeper story arc to her? Either way I’d be F U M I N G if I had been trapped in a cupboard by Carl knowing I could be fully surrounded by the living or the dead at any point. 

AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere will debut on October 23rd 2017


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