Game Of Thrones Season Six Finale

I cannot believe that time has come again. Time to say goodbye to another season of Game Of Thrones for one long hard cold year. Last nights episode, together with the penultimate episode were one of the best season wraps that we’ve ever seen on GOT. I loved mostly every moment of each episode and they definitely complimented each other. Last night some serious shit went down and our plot has been moved forward ten fold. For the last time, here’s what I thought of last nights episode!

The show starts in Kings Landing. We are exposed to a very strange episode beginning. The direction has really evolved this season in both production heights and cinematography. Most notably, the music score behind this first scene was extremely special. We are rarely given scenes without dialogue in Game Of Thrones and the difference in this was extremely poignant. The intesity that was built up over this somewhat silent beginning contrasted loudly with the explosive panic that aroused after Loras’ initiation. I loved everything about the beginning sequence as it set a battle driven tone to the show. Baelors Sept was filmed in ways we have never seen before at that particular location. The pillaring statues and windows were captured with low angle and birds eye shots playing on the lighting and grandeur of the sept allowing us to take in the whole building in all of it’s glory. The detailing in this location building was a tell-tale sign that it’s drastic end was about to close in.


The High Sparrow was evil right to his last moments. The panic caused whilst blocking off the exits felt all too real. I’m so glad we got to see his body ignite as he was obliterated by the wildfyre. The annoying thing is, Margery would have gotten out with at least one other Tyrell member because her clever mind soon noticed why Cerseis absence was harrowing. Why couldn’t you have gotten her out D&D? Ruling with the Dorne sisters and the rest of the badass women? Another exit I was glad to see was that of Maester Pycelles. Even though his death was weird as hell it was well deserved.


No rest for the wicked and we are took back to Cersei who is not yet fully satisfied in all of her wrong doings AKA killing off an entire family and faith in three single flames. Probably one of the most gruelling scenes tonight – Septa Unella was given her own taste of shame as she was tortured by Cersei. There’s no good in either women but seeing The Mountain make his entrance chilled me to the core as we were left with the suggestion that he raped her. Our tragic Shakespearean tones are solidified by the silent exit of Tommen Lannister. It’s sad, and it’s non avoking, but it was still absolutely mind-blowing to see how that moment was played out. The silence once again creating a beautifully tense backdrop as swiftly, and with grace, Tommen falls from the window. There are many comparisons to Bran in this shot as another boy falls because of Cersei’s innate evil. In Tommens death comes another one of Cersei’s fateful prophecies coming true. With this – the death of all three children – we can now only assume that her brother will “wrap his pale hands around her throat” next season. Assuming that Tyrions parents are Joanna Lannister and Aerys Targaryan, we can further assume that it will be Jaime who kills Cersei in the end. From the look on his face as he watched her crowned, it seems that it could definitely go that way.

The crossover from Tommens death to Walder Frey was one of the moments that I didn’t enjoy from the finale. I felt that Tommens moment was lost in the overtones of Walder Freys torturous nasal tone. Jaime and Bronn are sat as guests in house Frey as we watch Walder knock us as sick as ever. Jaime soon gets tired of his cowardice ways and provokes him into a heated debate surrounding his futile life.


The casting of the first maester we are introduced to at the Citadel was slightly disappointing. It was exciting however to see the Citadel itself for the first time. I can only imagine what knowledge we will find out with Sam Tarly and the ancient books. If we could find out more about the Nights King and the cold he brings ASAP that would be gr8 thx.

A white raven makes it’s way to Winterfell which is the symbol for the beginning of Winter. Throughout the past six series we have been waiting for Winter and “Winter is coming” is now a thing of the past. It’s here and GOD ONLY KNOWS what it brings. Remember that winter doesn’t occur every year in Westeros and they have been waiting for winter for at least nine years.

tumblr_o91vohbHpz1vox70so4_r1_1280I loved seeing Davos stretch his characters emotion when confronting Melisandre. I was glad she looked so distraught and embarrassed and even though hearing Shireen burn will be something I can never unhear, everything Melisandre says about her life is right. She can burn children, direct armies into destruction, give birth to shadows but throughout all this SHE BROUGHT US BACK JON SNOW SO WE HAVE TO BE AT LEAST A LITTLE BIT GRATEFUL FOR HER EXISTENCE OK. Even so, hearing Davos talk about Shireen was heartbreaking. Jon’s reaction was equally as emotive with his stern stark diappointed face.


Erm hello please can we have perfect symmetry like this between Jon and Sansa together in Winterfell forever. The internet is full of people trying to stir a jealousy between Sansa and Jon but her apology felt honest and I think she will be happy to step back. Especially now he’s the rightful king of the fucking andals.

Olenna Tyrell is all alone in the world and in good company with the women of Dorne and matchmaker Varys. Varys is bringing all of these powerful women together in a hope that they will unite against the Lannisters. Cersei thinks she’s the most powerful woman in the world but she doesn’t know about all of her enemies who are being brought together in Essos. I can’t wait till the moment she is brought down by badder bitches than her!

This next scene between Daario and Daenerys was a little longer than necessary. With crucial scenes being cut short I don’t think it was right to have five minutes spent on Daenerys dumping him. Whilst I’m LOVING Tyrion and Daenerys being BFFL and I obviously cried when he was made hand of the queen, there are more important things to be concerning than temporary love conflicts between Daenerys and unimportant men.

tumblr_o9erqtZH1z1qf5uago1_1280Walder Freys death was one of the most satisfying things I’ve seen since well, since Jon punched the living day out of Ramsay Bolton. The horror behind the reality that Arya cooked his sons up into a pie was a wonderful touch to this little play-out. Everything about her masked reveal was perfect. The timing, the dialogue, the way she slit his throat in the same way her mothers was slit upon his doing. I’m just so pleased Arya has made it this far North already. She is so close to home now and with Bran a similar distance to Winterfell, it’s all too much to deal with. Stark reunions have been teased throughout all six seasons but now we are SO DAMN CLOSE. If they take this moment away from us I don’t know how I’ll go on.

Ughhhhh Littlefinger you creepy, creepy guy. He’s so elusive that I can’t even figure out his true intentions. To think that Sansa is his ultimate goal is stupid. If someones dream is to sit on the throne, they don’t give a shit about whoever is sat next to them. As long as they are in the power, they’re happy. This is historically correct with Game Of Thrones characters to date. At times though, I don’t know whether to believe that maybe he is psychotically in love with Sansa but it’s so messed up he felt the same for Catelyn. He is a blessing and a curse and one of the most complicated Game Of Thrones characters.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 20.43.31

Erm Bran what the fuck! Don’t just give us everything we’ve ever wanted and then exit your scene early. There are so many things needing to be answered but first things first…The Tower. Oh The Tower. I swear to god this is the stuff dreams are made of. I knew R+L=J was 100% correct but seeing it right there was still amazing. It was all done perfect and the sadness was palpable. I was constantly worrying that we weren’t going to make it all the way up the stairs of the tower and into the room, and I was so not ready for the emotions about to be unleashed upon me. The pure sadness to see a brother and sister reunite in those circumstances are enough to make anyone tear up anyway. Lyanna’s been captured by Rhaegar Targaryan for a while now and held as his possession due to his unnatural obsession with her. Throw in the fact that we are all 100% emotionally attached to the baby in question and TEARS JUST TEARS EVERYWHERE. Another perfect piece of music scored this huge moment with highs around the transition from baby Jon to present Jon. Despite this piece of gold, I’m majorly gutted that this was the only time with Bran that we spent. I have so many unanswered questions! Why are you crossing the wall? What has Benjen been telling  you over this course of time spent with him? Where are the white walker army that were not too long ago on your every move? HUGE ERROR #2 = NO WHITE WALKERS. In my opinion it was a huge mistake to not include Night King action. It’s the most interesting thing in the whole of the 7 kingdoms and we don’t get even a suggestion into their current positioning. Very disappointing. After the huge R+L=J reveal, we see Jon being declared King Of The North. It took a 12 year old girl to help persuade “wise older men” to see the truth, but it worked a damn treat and Lady Mormont saved the day.


This season was definitely my favourite so far. Despite the bad end to last season and having a year to ponder Jons fate, the recovery the show made this season was incredible. D&D took all the feedback constructively and created something both visually, and contextually brilliant. Next season we will have Daenerys in Westeros for the first time, Cersei on the Throne, Jon King Of The North, and a hundred other plot-lines unfolded. Enjoy the torturous wait till next April!

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Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 20.58.10


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