Game Of Thrones S06E08

The episode title “No One” implied that we were in for an episode heavily revolving around Arya. With so many questions still unanswered, writers are running out of time to develop her plot which has been lacking so much over the past 16 episodes. When people throw around comments like “it was shit” – *i’m looking at you brother* – I think to say that is unfair. It’s not that the episode was bad in anyway, it’s just that there are bigger things to be focused on than time wasting in Meereen, or dawdling in Kings Landing. Last nights episode was very much an episode 4 episode opposed to one nearing a season finale. Here’s what I thought of last nights drama…


Instead of one of the top billed actors opening the episode (as would be expected) we come face to face with Lady Crane who is in the middle of an emotional rendition of the purple wedding. Did I expect Arya (the real Arya) to be lay in a bed nursing her wounds? No. Last week I discussed the many possibilities that could have led Arya to be caught off guard and stabbed multiple times in the gut by the waif. The internet was full of every shot and every theory one can imagine, yet after all the build up, it was a little sobering to see the real Arya Stark laying there. It’s as if D&D shoot multiple scenarios then release whichever one is being the least talked about. The curse of social media eh? Luckily for Arya, Lady Crane just so happens to be an excellent surgeon and manages to stop her presumed internal bleeding and open wounds from becoming too much of a problem. This scene was actually really charming and it was good to see Arya around another strong woman.

Next up, we see The Hound, bigger and badder than ever and he comes with a vengeance. Lemoncloak is a pretty big supporting character in the books as he brings ties betweens Arya, Gendry, The Hound & more. Here we see him hanging and it’s pretty saddening that it’s the end of his journey thus far because as you book readers will know, he is the man who introduces us to Lady Stoneheart. Jóhannes Haukur who plays Lem on the show took to twitter to deliver the notable line from the books that he didn’t get chance to deliver on the show. I won’t write it on here because I already see the spoiler evils you’re giving the screen right now. But trust me, it’s good. Someone better be ready to say it next week.

I have a very unpopular opinion and it is this; I feel sorry for Cersei. I don’t know how the writers and Lena Headeys performance have manipulated me into feeling this way but it’s true. There’s nothing more pitiful than a woman alone and being laughed at, which I think is the initial trigger for my new found thoughts towards her character. I’ve always loved her in a Lady Macbeth kind of way but I’m at a point where I hate The High Sparrow so much that I want all of Cerseis evil unleashed upon him. Ever since the boat returned with Jaime and Mycellas corpse and we saw the most incredible emotion played out by Lena Headey I’ve almost sided with her.In the grand scheme of things I no way want her to succeed in anything. I do however want her to succeed against these radicals that humiliated her.

Podrick fucking Payne. After a week of trailer induced anxiety thanks to the sneaky clip of Pod being put into a headlock by an unseen character, I breathed a deep sigh of relief when Bronn was behind the act. Can Bronn just be in the show forever please? He’s always been an ultimate fave, and now he’s behind the Jaime and Brienne ship I love him even more. Speaking of Brienne and Jaime. CAN ANYBODY DEAL WITH THE LOVE BETWEEN THEM? I could watch their scenes forever. People shunning his love for her -*looking at you again brother*- are deluded if they don’t think they are totally in love but neither knows how to process it. Think about everything they’ve been through together. Brienne was with Jaime on the lowest and most traumatic point of his life when he lost half his arm. Jaime rescued Brienne from potential death and the second most humiliating thingv that’s ever happened to her. It’s fucking love ok.


Tommen is the ultimate party pooper with his new rules of no trial by combat. We all wanted to see Cleganebowl and now the dream has died (for now.) I really dislike Tommen and have no time for his scenes. Everything about him is annoying. It’s not even character related he’s just very whiney and I have better things to dwell on (like who I prefer Brienne and Jaime or Brienne and Tormund)

Things appear to be going swimmingly in Meereen under Tyrions control. Greyworm and Missendei even manage to try their first drink! All seems calm and collected and I’m starting to think “yes this is why Tyrion deserves the iron throne he’s got his shit together and all he wants is a vineyard!” But alas, here come the masters with all their fire and glory. They are evidently refusing Tyrions terms and instead plan to burn the city down. LUCKILY – even luckier than Lady Crane being a top surgeon – Daenerys enters not a moment too late, Drogon by her side. This kind of annoyed me. You can’t have two cop-outs in one episode guys. Not on HBO.

We were spoiled with the array of wonderful dialogue delivered by Jaime last night, in particular, his redelivery of one of his most famous lines “the things we do for love.” He this time used it in relation to his sister and Catelyn Starks love for their children. A mothers love. A love that is pure and not fuelled by lust or power or a need to control, but the purest love of all. Does this somehow mean that Jaime is no longer the man he used to be, but rather a purer version of himself? He still admits his love for Cersei would lead him to do anything for her, but I would really like to see Jaime be the one to kill Cersei in the end. It would be so tragic and emotional and Shakespearian and it’s the kind of shock that the show needs at this point. We’ve heard (and now thanks to Bran we’ve also seen) many of the horrific stories that people relay about Jaime and his kingslaying ways, but since that fateful push, he hasn’t been anything but the perfect gentleman (to an extent.) I want to see more of his passion on screen!

The whole episode I was slagging the blackfish off like no other. Yet when it came to his final moments, I thought he acted pretty honourably with humour and good will. The fact he let Pod and Brienne get a headstart out of there was generous of him considering how rude he’d been to her earlier in the episode. His last line was also humorous and changed the light of his character completely. Why do this writers? It confuses my feelings!

After a considerable amount of filibustering we return back to Arya. Lady Crane lies horribly dead and it’s a saddening sight to see. On the chase goes between Arya and The Waif and once again, Arya is miraculously able to run, fall and jump after several stab wounds reopening. I can’t even run ever. A lot of people were annoyed that there was no final closure with the Waifs death because we didn’t see it. I thought there was something extermely satisfying about needles slice through the candle and it all made sense for a moment – this is why she had been training blind – to lead her up to this moment. But to then announce to Jaqhen who she is and where she’s going seemed pretty pointless because she should have done that on day 1. Like have you just wasted 16 episodes of Arya screentime on this plot for her to do one with no consequence? I would LIKE to see Jaqhen in future episodes but only if they are going to be revolutionary and provide us with new information. Whether that be about his God, about Braavos, about the faceless men or about himself. Just anything new! This storyline has dragged and dragged and dragged and after the title was dedicated to it, I feel heavily disappointed that we haven’t took more closure from the episode.

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