Game Of Thrones S06E07 Review.

The Broken Man could be a phrase adjoined to any of our male protagonists on the show, both good, and bad. For there aren’t many whole characters in Game Of Thrones. This weeks title helped us to explore characters in a painful kind of way. The episode was drawn out with little action. Explosive moments (The Hound, Arya) were stuck in-between wonderful dialogue and delivery, but I felt it was largely missing momentum for the most part of the episode.


It all began with a somber musical score. One that reminded me of men arriving or leaving a battle- whichever it would be, the point would be that they were small in numbers. It had such a mournful tone to it, much different to most pacing scores usually used to detail our episodes. The music in the end turned out to be a foreshadowing of the events to come by the end of the episode. I’d been waiting for The Hounds return for a while now, I didn’t think he would return in this circumstance however. In the book it hints that The Hound could potentially be riding around with a red priest (presumed to be the brotherhood without banners.) There were also rumours that he would be part of the Tully host. Neither of these turned out to be the case (for now) and instead his return episode was a big character scrutinising exploration. We firstly saw him apparently humbled and earning an “honest” living. As honest as one can make it post-war. He was alive, sober, and hard working. We’ve mostly seen The Hound half-dead, drunk and sloppy in the past so already we are presented with “a new found man.” The Hound is one of my favourite characters, he’s hard to love, and even harder to hate. Yeah, he’s done some pretty fucking horrible things in the past (killing Aryas BFF butcher boy being one of the worst) but there’s always been a side to him that’s left me siding with his character. One change that isn’t there is that he is still keeping solitary. He doesn’t interact with people, and that’s the way it is. Presuming it’s been a few years since we last saw The Hound, he must have been acting all civilised for quite a while. For us then to see a whiplash back to his real self as he picks up his axe is a lot to take in. The Hound is a mystery I want to solve. His thoughts, his feelings, his everything! He has had many horrible things happen to him and seems to feel his pain so openly and honestly rather then swallowing it into insanity. I’m so glad he’s back and that we got a minute to catch our breath with him instead of being thrown headfirst into a personal drama. Bring on the battle of the Cleganes!


Margery is still behaving strangely and I’m still not convinced. With good reason to not be! The High Sparrow is a scary guy. His subtle threats are as scary as any man with a knife and the way Margery is playing him is fantastic to watch. Thank the Lord that that note was passed to Olenna to let us in on the secret that theres a bigger plan to Margerys madness. I savour any screentime between Cersei and Olenna. It’s just brilliant brilliant brilliant. The writing, the delivery, the on screen chemistry. I love watching these two amazing women act together!


Next comes Jon and Sansa’s attempt to round up troops for their cause. The Wildings are convinced to fight for Jon after little persuasion (and no other option) they soon agree. House Mormont introduces a character that the internet have gone wild for. Lady Lyanna Mormont. This sassy little girl has caused a huge stir amongst fans with people crying over Jon saying her (and his mothers) name, people saying she deserves the iron throne, people wishing for more screen time. Then there’s people like me, who think she needs to pipe down when talking back to Sansa. It must be nice to be protected in her family house with her maester and advisers still alive. It’s everything the Stark girls don’t have. It was equally annoying for her to make the point about Sansa not being a Stark just because she was RAPED and forced into marriage with Ramsay. It was a shame that this argument was delivered by a woman girl. Whilst we’re discussing that horrible wedding night, I just want to reiterate my theory again that SANSA IS ONE HUNDO PERCENT PREGGO!!!!! When was the last time we saw her without that massive cloak on? Keep an eye on her in scenes and you’ll see it too. There were so many complaints made about why the rape scene was written in and I think it was purely to get us to this moment with Sansa, or, because of the complaints they (D&D) are trying to justify it now with Sansas surprise pregnancy. In a nod towards the potential return of Lady Stoneheart, The Red Wedding is once again brought up. I’m glad that people still discuss the foolery of Robb Stark and his decision making because he is literally the worst Stark ever. 


So the world rejoiced in Yara’s new found sexual orientation. Fans are already pairing her up with Daenerys (who is also a little bit lesbian in the books) which would make for a great finale. However there are also people who are annoyed at D&D for writing it into the show without any actual point towards the plot and are solely doing it to look progressive. They are giving her characteristics like a “fuck it” attitude and downing her beer and being “one of the lads” which totally stereotypes lesbianism in the most offensive of ways. Either way, it was a nice scene in which she tried to reassure Theon that he would be ok. After all he’s seen its no surprising he can’t relax, I do hope Yara manages to get him back to his old gusty self though so he can contribute towards the battle between light and dark. 


YAY finally Bronn is back! Jaime’s character improves vastly when he’s away from Kings Laning and even more so when he’s teamed up with everyones favourite sellsword Bronn. I think it’s really underplayed that Bronn was originally Tyrions swordsman and now he does for Jaime what he used to do for Tyrion. It would be nice if Jaime could open up about his brother to Bronn to give us a sense of what he truly feels for Tyrion. Talking of Tyrion, one must never have two consecutive episodes without him, please don’t do this again D&D. The whole Tully siege wasn’t that interesting thanks to The Blackfish’s general lack of compassion towards his nephew hanging in the stocks. I was pretty disappointed with the return to the river lands but once again it’s a huge reminder of the red wedding which I’ll allow the boringness if it means we’re getting closer to Lady Stoneheart. Next weeks episode should be a lot more fiery with a Brienne and Jaime reunion set.


We revisit The Hound who is still practising his new life with guide Ian McShane. It’s always nice for me to see a northern actor take the screen and he worked really well as a character to move along The Hounds plot. I didn’t expect The Hound to stick around with this bunch forever but I also didn’t expect his group to be taken from him so quickly and brutally. It was interesting that it was the Brotherhood Without Banners who committed this act as like I’ve mentioned before, they are a group with subtle associations to The Hound in the book. 


Arya, Arya, Arya. This speedy couple of scenes were all too suspicious for me. I don’t believe that Arya would be foolish enough to walk the streets of Braavos so casually and unarmed. Here are my four theories towards what has happened to her:

  1. Whilst walking over the bridge she walks past a girl that looks awfully like Arya. She could have face swapped last minute with an unsuspecting girl and instead killed her. 
  2. Jaqhen H’ghar used Aryas face knowing the Waif would kill her. He always held a fondness for Arya and could have potentially used her face on his to trick the Waif into thinking she was dead thus giving Arya a safer timing and exit from Braavos. Note how all of Arya’s characteristics were different from the moment she paid for her passage to the moment she fell over shore.
  3. Arya really was stupid enough to be caught by the Waif however this seems unlikely due to the lack of needle and bags of money she had seemed to acquire.
  4. The actress that Arya spoke with last week gave her some pigs blood used in the play and helped planned out how Arya would fake her injury as The Waif would not be as vigilant if she was hunting an injured girl. 

I never want to have to watch another Stark be stabbed in the gut. With the episode next week named “No one” we can only hope that Arya gets on her bloody way and gets to Westeros before she gets herself into any more trouble. Alternatively, please find The Hound. 

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