Game Of Thrones s06E03 Analysis



Jon wakes up fully conscious and able to remember exactly what happened and exactly who he is. A long shot post resurrection, but a win-win situation for everyone. He was as humble as ever whilst Melisandre basically told him she thinks he is The Prince That Was Promised (TPTWP) AKA Azor Ahai reborn.


The score behind Jon’s first public appearance was sad and pensive. It wasn’t the great or glorious rebirth that would be associated with the reborn Azor Ahai, but it was good to see that the stern Jon Snow was all the same. Jon, sporting a new ponytail, made his way through the awkward crowd stopping to reunite with his closest comrades. As if Jon’s personality and mentality wasn’t tragic enough, he now has deal with being dead and seeing nothing, then returning back to the big bad world of Westeros. Knowing the stubbornness that Stark men seem to have, he’ll probably try and leave on his own and ride south to Winterfell, just as Sansa reaches the wall. If they miss each other and aren’t reunited next week my morale will completely die because I NEED a Stark reunion however small ASAP.

Sam & Gilly make their first appearance on season 6. It’s kind of annoying that we didn’t get to see Sam find out and react to the news of Jons death because I feel like that would have been nice to see from John Bradley-West. It would have been a good acting challenge for him but I guess theres bigger fish to fry. I’m not talking about Varys’s scenes because as much as I enjoy the comedy, I’d rather have a complete 10 minute Tower Of Joy scene to watch.

Thankfully again through the eyes of the Three Eyed Raven, we are took back to a young Ned Stark. This time stood outside the long anticipated Tower Of Joy. He is seen asking Ser Arthur Dayne the following:

Ned Stark: The Mad King is dead. Rhaegar (Targaryen) lies beneath the ground. Why weren’t you there to protect your prince?

Ser Arthur Dayne: Our prince wanted us here.

Cut to us hearing screams which sounds awfully like a woman in labour and there we have it; R + L = J confirmed. Of course it has long been hinted at throughout the show but it finally looks like we’re getting the plot many fans have dreamed about for a while! Remember the last thing Ned said to Jon?


Also, this ties in with Melisandre because Rhaegar Targaryan was supposed to have had a big fascination with TPTWP!

Back in the desert, Daenerys has gotten herself into some pretty big trouble again. Her storylines are always really drawn out so I hope we see some fiery action in the next episode because it can get tedious watching her every fail.


Tyrions interaction with Missendai and Greyworm brings the light humour that the show needs. It gets more exciting as we see Tyrion in a position of power on the small council, which has turned out to be a kinslayer, two ex slaves and Varys.

Scenes with Ollena Tyrell make me so happy. She is a wonderful character that delivers everything we want to scream at Cersei in the wittiest of ways. It’d be good to see some more gruelling Margery scenes at this point because I’m guessing her mental state must be pretty messed up right now. If this isn’t explored we’re all going to lose any connection or interest towards her character because she’s become so removed from the direct storylines.



One of my favourite parts of this episode was the Arya sequence. We were shown three different parts to it; Some form of potion being created. A brief rundown of her family history. A rundown of her prayer or her ‘kill list’. The three notions mixed together with the hard to listen to groans as she was beaten, and the clammer of sticks as she eventually learned to defend herself, resulted in an amazing TV sequence. Her sight is now renewed but what of it? Jaqen H’ghar stays as elusive as ever as he makes Aryas decisions for her.


My stomach tightens every time we get back to Winterfell and the poisonous Ramsey is sat there waiting. Now if you are confused to who presented Rickon and Osha to Ramsey then listen up because this could be important. The man who came upon them was Smalljon Umber. The Umbers are famously loyal to the Starks. Could this mean Rickon and Oshas capture was all part of a bigger plan to destroy the Boltons? Also, the head of the dead wolf looked too small to be Shaggydogs.


We end where we began, at the wall with Jon Snow and his ice cold life. He nobly allowed last words from the men he was about to hang. He swung the sword like Ned Stark taught him in that very first episode. It made me uncomfortable to see Olly there as much as I hate him. I guess its not a bad thing to feel at least something when a child is wearing a noose (yay all these shows haven’t desensitised me just yet!) But still, I would have been annoyed if he wasn’t up there. It makes me nervous that Jon has left because Jon can be ruthless alone in the wild as we have seen numerous times before now.

Let the battle for Winterfell commence!



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