Game Of Thrones S06E02: Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound. The tantalising title confirmed the anticipation we’ve all been dealing with. Is the journey to a Stark Snow reunion finally about to begin? A moment a lot of Game Of Thrones fans have been waiting for since season 1.

The episode begins with Bran standing, and apparently four years older (puberty is the one thing we can forgive when it comes to character physical transformations.) I loved the commitment to Sean Beans acting ethos with regards to the Sheffield accent used by young Ned. We saw Ned sparring with his brother Benjen Stark. The fact that Benjen was referenced is a good nod towards a Coldhand’s entrance at some point this season, or at least some more easter eggs regarding his whereabouts. We are then introduced to Lyanna Stark for the first time ever in the show (image wise.) This is another excellent sign that the R+L = J theory could be becoming a reality. It was also interesting that Hodor was once able to fully function. It was always presumed that his inability to talk coherently was something that has always been, however, something must have happened to him in the past which changed him. Everything has a reason in A Song Of Ice And Fire so whatever happened to Hodor, will surely have significance in future plots.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 22.44.37


Jon Snows body is still lying cold and seemingly dead. The audacity of Alliser Thorne and Ollys attempted retaliation astonished me. I can’t wait for them both to get their comeuppance. I hope its as sweet as Roose Bolton being stabbed the way he stabbed everyones favourite poor decision maker – Rob Stark.

We get our first look of a new found Mountain in action. The 2 minute scene of a drunk peasant have his head crushed into a wall was all that was needed to see the full velocity of Cersei’s new guard. To be honest, I didn’t think the new Gregor Clegane would be as receptive and in control so to speak, but he is a definite threat to everyone. I feel like presently I’m team Cersei because I hate the High Sparrow so much. Also It was kind of manipulating to us as a viewer that The Mountains new first kill was a horrible sexist man – it tricks us into thinking we’re ALL team Cersei when we’re probably just team none horrible drunk creepy men.

From one corpse we are took to another. Myrcella Lannister also lies dead, Jaime and Tommen stood above her corpse. The stones that these Lannisters use on their dead freak me out SO MUCH. Like what is wrong with just having there eyes closed? We’re shown the classic Tommen coming of age drama which actually bores me slightly. It’s not that I don’t love scenes with Lena Headey and Nikolaj Coster – Waldau but there’s way more important stuff going on  to be spending 10 minutes with a wimpy king.



Tyrion is our entire source of context in Game Of Thrones right now. Ever since Maester Aemon passed (cry,) most of our knowledge about the seven kingdoms comes from Tyrion. As he says, thats what he does best.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 23.05.31

Tyrion describes dragons very similar to how one would describe the loyalty traits of a Direwolf, this only brings Jon and Daenerys ever closer. It’s nice to see where the money is going because that dragons look 10x better than they have ever done before. It was also really cool to see that they have been depicted with behavioural traits when responding to Tyrion without an obvious animalistic demeanour. Tyrion running up the stairs is literally how I run up stairs when I’m in the house alone incase somebody is behind me lolz. SIDENOTE: TYRION HAD AN INCREDIBLE EPISODE THIS WEEK! PETER DINKLAGE IS THE MVP! It means so much to him to be this close to these dragons, Tyrion has long discussed his love for them even prior to knowing they were in existence still. Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 23.46.38

I really didn’t expect Roose Bolton to be so easily killed. He was a foolish man right till the moment of his death. As soon as that happened, I just knew something grim was to come. I always try and pre-empt which bits will be the distressing scenes for some viewers that the nice lady from Sky points out at the beginning. I thought that it would just be Arya being beaten but alas no. We got to envision a new born baby and a straight outta labor mother be eaten to death by savage dogs. So cute. ThankYOU HBO THANKYOU. They’re like “We’ll give you Jon Snow back, but you have to watch a baby be eaten.”

After a few moments of a blissful catch up between Sansa and Brienne, Theon decides he must return to his home. Here we have it – sigh – the Iron Island revolt. If you’ve not read the books then at this point I guess your feeling pretty confused. Admittedly, this is my least favourite plot in the books. I find it as bleak as the oceans that surround them. Hopefully D&D have polished the story arc off and the characters manage to ignite some interest for the viewers.

I WANT DAVOS TO PREP ME FOR EVERYDAY THAT I SPEND ON THIS EARTH! For work, for the club, for workouts, for everything. “FUCK THEM ALL” Ok Davos you got it! He basically said everything to Melisandre that we’ve been thinking for this past year.




No offence but Melisandre is clearly one of those annoying people in school/college/uni that are like “OMG I’m totally going to fail this exam! I haven’t revised at all! I don’t know how to do it!” when they’re obviously going to pass. Oh god. It was so hard not to be distracted by Kit Harringtons perfectly contoured body tone and his locked jawline. The cleaner he got, the more exposed his abs. All that was going through my head was Kit Harringtons stern words about objectifying his looks but why the damn hell would the cinematographers get all those panning images of his naked body? As Emilia Clarke said “Free The P!”


It was inevitable, it was incredible and it was SO SOON I am so glad his fate wasn’t drawn out even longer. This seasons start has improved vastly on last years first two episodes!


Take a look at some of my favourite internet reactions to this episode!


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