What COULD happen in the Season 6 Premiere of Game Of Thrones



It’s been almost a year since we have last seen a new episode of Game Of Thrones. A year is a long time to wait when a show is carefully condensed down to ten, one hour episodes. A lot has happened in that year. We’ve had a whirlwind of rumours and sightings, set spottings and hundreds of speculated appearances after we were all left both devastated, and desperate during the last few seconds of the Season 5 finale. These days there’s such a constant thirst of consumerism towards television with an ever growing impatience towards plot-line development and episode release. Teamed with the upcoming rise of box set viewing in the modern pop culture ‘Netflix and chill’ move, more of us find ourselves nestling down to watch around six episodes of one hour shows in our spare time (i’m talking a day). It’s becoming a lot more acceptable to do this rather than doing something useful or culturally entertaining outside of our homes. Watching a season premiere can be discussed with the same enthusiasm and excitement often evoked with experiences such as attending a theatre performance, or a music concert. It can muster just as much conversation, arguably more. This year has been a total media frenzy of rumours and theories beyond belief. Alas, here are mine all settled into one list. Things that I think could be a possibility for the characters in season 5 episode 1.

  1. Stannis will have been shown mercy (for her sake not his) and Brienne will have spared him at that moment where the camera cut. He may or may not lead her to the North and to Melisandre. Brienne Of Tarth owns a Valyrian Steel sword. Valyrian Steel is the most needed thing in the North right now.
  2. Stannis will be dead
  3. Sansa and Ramsey will ensue a hard to watch escape from the grips of Ramsey Bolton
  4. Aryas newfound blindness will somehow open a door to a potential third eye, leading to visions of Jons death. Book readers will be aware of how powerful the out of body connection is between Jon and Arya.
  5. Jon Snow Will be dead
  6. Jon Snow will not be shown in this episode and the action will take place elsewhere (THIS WILL PISS ME OFF X10000000)
  7. Jon Snow will be resurrected by Melisandre
  8. Jon Snow will be now portrayed through Ghost as when he died he potentially warged into him at the last minute. The death in the book  is written – “When the third dagger took him between the shoulder blades, he gave a grunt and fell face-first into the snow. He never felt the fourth knife. Only the cold.”  Could he have only felt the cold because ghost can feel the cold on his belly?
  9. Jon Snow will become a white walker (another potential connotation of feeling the cold.) Not your average white walker, but one such as COLDHANDS. A character in the book who many fans presume to be MIA Brandon Stark (Jons Uncle, Neds brother, Ranger who went missing back at the start of the show.) Coldhands is an extremely elusive character in the book who is physically described as a white walker but his kindness towards Sam and Gilly indicates he has more to him than all the other Others.
  10. Bran sees Jon die in a vision and persuades the children of the forest to go and magic him back to life.
  11. Bran liaises with the Bloodraven AKA Brynden Rivers (Great Bastard of Aegon Targaryan IV & Melissa Blackwood , Aegons sixth mistress ) AKA the three eyed raven who could resurrect Jon in some powerful and mystical way. We know there are strong connections between Jon Snows character and Brynden Rivers because of their striking similarities. The number 6 for both characters, Brynden the son of the sixth mistress to the King, Jon the sixth child of Ned Stark. They both were members of the Nights Watch who progressed to Lord Commander. Brynden is an albino and his emblem is of an albino dragon with red eyes connecting to a huge part of Jon – Ghost.
  12. As the members of the Nights Watch who killed Jon go to burn his body, Jon walks out of the flames naked (plz) alike his ??SISTER?? Daenerys Targaryan. If he IS the blood of a Targaryan and not in fact a child of Neds (which opens the R+L=J theory,) he would probably come out of the flames free from death as we have seen previously with another blood of the dragon.
  13. Jon Snow is Azor Ahai. Azor Ahai is basically who Melisandre thinks that Stannis is. He is central to her faith and is legendary for originally defeating all of the white walkers. He is prophesied for a second coming. Are last seasons weird Melisandre and Jon Snow scenes about to make sense?
  14. Sansa with the knowledge that Bran and Rickon are alive, will head North in search of them (Stark reunion hurry please.)
  15. Our Game Of Thrones world will be widened (much to a lot of peoples dismay) into the world of the Kraken, The Greyjoys. There’ll be a lot of Iron Island action this season but I really hope it does spark attraction and interest and not just be used as a bleak grey filler.
  17. The Hound could potentially make a return later in the season
  18. As could Gendry
  19. Lady Stoneheart will make her grand entrance



enjoy, and always remember…


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