Kylie Lip Kit

My Kylie Lip Kit arrived this week which was a very exciting moment for me as I’m sure you can all imagine. I talked through some of the details on my snapchat but for those who don’t have me on their feed, I’ll touch on it again! Basically altogether the cost came to about £43.50 which included the price of the lip kit, shipping and then a TWELVE POUNDS FIVE PENCE customs release charge! So after me thinking “the price is so good it’s cheaper than MAC!” turns out, not really so. I’m no stranger to custom fees, hell I paid thirty pounds to get a Seth Rogan & James Franco shirt imported from America dammit.  But thankfully I am so thrilled that I LOVE this product. I was apprehensive but it’s sooo much better than I thought it’d be! I was nervous that it’d be similar to the NYX matte lipsticks which totally flake my lips out but it feels so thin and smooth on your lips which just shows how amazingly pigmented the colours are. True Brown K was my first choice of colour because it’s so different to the others, and to the other lip stains on the market right now. I think it was a good colour choice to match my skin tone hair/eyes also. I really need to buy another already because I have the fear of it running out. The stain dries in seconds and I literally forgot I even had it on because of how light it is to wear.The liner was SOOOOO SMOOTH I can’t even explain it. I’m used to the dry pulling of a MAC liner so it was a real treat to have a really velvety lining application.


I would recommend using these products with the lip kit to ensure perfection and long lasting colour!

I use the NYC Wonder Pencil for EVERYTHING! I have one for correcting eyeliner, one for correcting lipliner and one for eyebrow highlighting! It’s only £4 but will make such a huge difference to your makeup routine to create a perfectly polished effect! This was key when using my True Brown because the rich colour can bleed easily if you don’t apply with a steady hand. NYX Wonder Pencil will save you everytime!

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 12.33.04
NYX Wonder Pencil available online for £4 


Also another saviour of mine, Lipcote is available to buy in most shops that sell cosmetics! One small application makes sure your lip colour locks in place all night!


Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 12.39.57


Not lucky enough to get your hands on a Kylie Lip Kit? Here are some great dupes that look just as good!



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