Reebok x Kendrick


On Friday I was invited to a Top Secret Reebok Event which featured an intimate performance from Kendrick Lamar. Kendrick has recently collaborated with Reebok bringing out his own line of classics which were artistically inspired by American gang rivalry between the Crips and the Bloods. After huge success on his own line of Reeboks, Kendrick came to hand to celebrate the original Reebok Classic to remind everyone how freaking cool they are!

The entire evening was a spectacular immersive experience and the all white decor made the whole event appear seemingly dreamlike. The first stage of the night was all about getting classic’d together. It was like being in a Willy Wonka factory of freshness as everyone swapped their own shoes for a pair of their own classics.

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Hannah Faith set the vibe with her cool DJ set looking absolutely STUNNING in a coral two piece! Bradley Zero then took to the stage to warm us up for Kendrick as we decorated his stage with words of our own.


I cannot even begin to explain how amazing King K’s performance was! I didn’t prepare myself for how good he would be live and to see it from such a close angle!  I’ve been lucky enough to see many artists in similar proximities but this is a performance that I will remember forever. Take a look at some of my videos and pics below. Most of them are erratic because I was basically at one with Kendrick. I mean, I got his spit on my cheek and it was probably the best thing thats happened to me in 2016.



I’m so grateful for my new Reebok Classics! They are lit the comfiest trainers i’ve ever owned. It’s time for the others to step aside and realise that this is the time for The Reebok Classic and if they are a Kings trainer of choice, then they are a timeless classic.

If you want your own pair of Classics then check out the Urban Outfitters website or pop down to the Manchester store and say hey & we’ll sort you out with a shiny bright new pair of gum soles so you can be regal too!

Thanks so much to Reebok and Urban Outfitters for the evening and to the coolest company of all, gal pal Rachel Green , and writer, Amber Rose .


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