The Walking Dead Midseason Premiere


Oh. My. God





I mean evidently I don’t even know where to start with this blogpost. I will start by saying that this is potentially my favourite episode to date. I’ll have to give it a deeper think but my instant opinion is that it is. I watch this show without ever having read the comics. I feel i’m not 100% qualified for giving my opinion on the show plot at times because of this, so that’s just a little disclaimer for any die hard comic fans that I offend.

The episode begins as it last ended. Before the opening credits even roll we are instantly thrown into an incredibly intense situation between Abraham, Daryl, Sacha, and Negans men. My heart was going insane and the credits hadn’t even rolled! This is how every midseason premiere should begin. I genuinely believed that Abraham and Rosita were about to get ticked off. Obviously not Daryl, but it was an extremely convincing scene despite the lead Saviour and his toying with death annoyances. It was a bloody delight to see them all be obliterated by Daryl. In my list of what every midseason premiere should have, it’s also a rocketlauncher. (Do you hear me Mindy Kaling? The title could be ‘Danny gets Tinder.’)


Knowing that after the credits were up it was straight back to Alexandria made me feel sick with nerves. The problem with having an interest in TV Drama Series Production means that whenever you want to research something you love (everyday) you’re always going to come across a spoiler. It’s the sacrifice you’ve got to make to find out “What skincare regime does Rosita follow” or “Is Andrew Lincoln (Norman Reedus/ Steven Yeun/ ) single.” I jest, I jest. Obviously I know the answers to those questions without having to google them six seasons deep. But seriously its hard when you want to know every single detail of the shows production without ruining anything! I knew that Sam was going to die because his fear gets the better of him, but it went down quite differently to how I thought. I just spent five minutes trying to decide whether I should write that I felt sorry for him but alas, I don’t. I also hate how they tried to pin it on Carol because that was just uncalled for. I’d also read that Jessie isn’t eaten in that way. I’d pictured it as followed.

  • Walking in line holding hands
  • Sam starts shouting like a little bitch
  • Sam gets bit
  • Jessie is still holding Sams hand whilst he’s consumed
  • Jessie is untouched by zombies but won’t let go of sam (or carl who she is also holding hands with)
  • Rick chops off Jessies hand off and drags her away with them
  • Honestly, I totally forgot the other brother existed

The internet seems to be torn whether it was right or not to have had Sam killed so violently on screen. Believe me, it’s played out a lot grimmer in the comics. The whole child thing isn’t really a new issue because we have seen the death of multiple children throughout the seasons. Admittedly we have never seen them die on screen but I thought the Mika and Lizzie story arc was 100% more horrific! The whole fall of the Anderson’s scenes were shot so crazily I felt like I was in some kind of lucid dream. The crossfades and slanted angles are something that haven’t been seen since season 2. Greg Nicotero has been my favourite Walking Dead director and I really hope he pulls back what was lost somewhat in seasons 4&5.

It’s hard to believe that the thing that hit me hardest in this episode was a three lettered word. When Carl reveals his wound I can’t even describe my reaction. My neighbours must have been very concerned. His delivery! The entire shot was cinematically shell-shocking. I was foolish to think that the Andersons death was the main event. How disturbing was that shot of Carl in the rain raising his hat. The special effects are something else and I think its super effective to see the blood running down his face.




Check out these BTS too of the amazing work that went into the creation of the wound and dummy!

- The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
– The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 9 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

One of the reasons why I loved this episode so much was that it broke the tedious pattern that Walking Dead has seem to fallen into. Look for a safe place, find a safe place, safe place falls to walkers or humans, look for a new place. Now I’m not saying that this probably won’t continue to happen, but it felt damn good to have a SUCCESS at the end of an episode. It’s completely what the show needed. A nice little bit of optimism. If only for a moment. I love the sense of unity. It’s one of my favourite things in the world. That was really shown tonight. It was conveyed through all the characters that stood up and fought whether they be skilled fighters or not. I loved the courage that came from Eugene and Gabriel along with their inspirational words. This was all summed up nicely in this BADASS AF NICOTERO SEQUENCE.


It pisses me off the way Glenn is so messy in his effort to save Maggie. Yes Glenn I’m sure what she wants to see is you back yourself into death right before her eyes. I don’t like this way the show keeps hinting at Glenns death. Pulling moves like this one only makes me more apprehensive for his development on the show.

Michonne was brutal this episode and shows us time and time again why she’s a top character. This part where she acted so emotionally and desperately to get out and defend Rick made me want to root for the tumblr classic Richonne even more.



One of my biggest concerns from this episode is that the camera is still finding an uncomfortable amount of focus on Ricks hand. I don’t want to discuss this too much as I’m aware a lot of people are non the wiser to future storylines but I am praying for this to be one difference between the show and the comics!

Both Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus have stated that this is the most disturbing season so far with some scenes “sickening them.” Well it’s definitely going to be an entertaining 8 weeks and it sounds like we’ll be losing a few big characters this season.

I’d love to know what you thought about the episode and what you agree/disagree with so definitely let me know! Keep them theories coming!

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