Steve Jobs (2015)


Steve Jobs (2015) is a manic mix of Aaron Sorkins fiery paced dialogue and Danny Boyles visionary mind. However, it isn’t the direction or standard Sorkin “Walk and Talk”* scenes that made the cut for the Academy nominations. The two main stars Michael Fassbender and Kate Winslet have been nominated for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress respectively. Kate Winslet was cast after hearing about the project from her makeup artist on The Dressmaker (2015). The MUA had recently been hired by the production team of Steve Jobs and hastily gave Kate the info. Kate was so obsessed with the idea of a film starring Fassbender and creatively driven by Danny Boyle and Aaron Sorkin that she sent a picture of her wearing a black haired wig and soon after met with Danny Boyle and got the role.


The film is split into three sections; 1984, 1988 and 1998. Across this time-span, we see Jobs launch three of his products. The Apple Macintosh, the cuboid NeXT computer and then the iMac in the late nineties. The three sections are also reinforced through Alwin H Küchler who, as Director of Photography, progressed from a 16mm stock to 35mm finally landing in the lens of the all new dimension of digital.  The film is extremely overwhelming with the battle for glory between dialogue and visuals. Throwing in a miscast Seth Rogen too and it’s really a whole lot to consume. One thing that struck me for sure was the side to Steve Jobs that is rarely publicised. The raw human flaws that Michael Fassbender portrayed throughout the film, the relationships with his loved ones and daughter. It was really interesting to combine the forcefulness of his relationships with his creations, and the imbalance between his family.

Kate Winslets performance as Joanna Hoffman is strong and consistent but it didn’t shock me to my core or relic any real form of emotion from me. It’s not to say that she did a bad job, it just wasn’t as out of the ordinary to draw all of the focus. The best quirk to her performance was pulling off Joanna’s Polish accent which she did elegantly and precisely. Joanna Hoffman headed the international marketing team for Apple and she eventually led the company to bring the Mac to Europe and Asia (Thanks Joanna!). Anyway, just because were not 100% rooting for a Winslet win this year, doesn’t mean she doesn’t agree with us on that one. We’re all in this together for you Leo.

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Whether this film was for you or not, if we can take anything from it – it’s the investment of a black turtleneck and a round glasses frame. So chic.



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  • The film was shot in sequence with the schedule as followed: ACT 1 – 2 week rehearsal, 2 week shoot. ACT 2 – 2 week rehearsal, 2 week shoot. ACT 3 – 2 week rehearsal, 2 week shoot. After 4 weeks Michael Fassbender was off script. All 180 pages.


  • Leonardo DiCaprio was also offered the lead before dropping out to take on The Revenant. Obviously.


  • Ike Barinholtz auditioned for the role of Steve Wozniak. I’m pretty gutted that didn’t come off because this would have been a good film for him to show his acting range to and escape the comedy role. He could be like Bradley Cooper post hangover. But you know, without being like him in any other way.


  • Only one sequence of the whole film is set outdoors, hinting to how consuming and claustrophobic Jobs could be.


  • After being offered the role upon hearing Christian Bale had left the project, Michael Fassbender personally phone him to try and persuade him to take the role back as he believed he would be the perfect man for the job.





*A scene in which the characters relay their dialogue whilst being filmed in a single tracking shot as the actors walk through the set. 

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