Christmas Goodies

hi huns, so a few people were asking me to go into more detail on some of the products on my christmas wishlist so i thought id just go through what i got for christmas, the things i love, the things that i don’t understand, and the makeup! Here’s a few things I was lucky enough to get! I hope all my readers had an amazing Christmas!

my Macbook got pimped! Golden freshness for the new year…I know it sounds dumb but this keyboard cover is perfect for keeping my nails nice and sharp and edgy because they used to get so blunted and round from typing so much!
Any memorabilia from my favourite TV shows will always make me happy. One of the best Always Sunny scenes in my opinion is when Charlie shoots his own TV advertisement for kitten mittens!
I happened to meet Pro Green by chance in work a few months back, so that to my mum means I’m clearly his biggest fan. Lol. I’m sure it’ll be a good read though…
Stark eyeshadow by Illamasqua – I’m loving using brown contouring colours on my eyes at the moment to help sculpt my eyelids. Can’t wait to try this reddish brown. I normally steer clear from reds on my eyes because I end up looking waaaaay too stoned. This shade seems like a good medium between red and brown!
I’m not really a blush girl but I asked for this Illamasqua palette because yano, new year new me. Who knows, this spring could be the year of the blush for me!
Remember the St.Germain hype? That was so funny. Lets try & bring it back. This was bought in the amazinggggg Illamasqua sale for only £9!
Benefit has always been one of my fave beauty brands. I love this collection of best selling minis so I can always top up my glam on the go without having to take any full size products out!
I recommend this wholly and fully to any chocolate fan out there. As in it doesn’t just smell like a cheap chocolate product, it’s so rich and delicious.
So happy I was bought this limited edition MAC pigment collection. I use pigment all the time now ti de-basicfy all my day or night looks.
How gorge is the bronze? Can’t wait to experiment!
Obvs – Qweeeeeen Viv
More Always Sunny gifts. Because who doesn’t want an original print of the Dayman lyrics on your tee?
I’ve been going to see Manchester United weekly since I was a baby! Yet seeing Juan Mata score this unbelievable goal at Anfield in April 15 literally changed the way I see football. It’s hard for me, as a girl, to separate seeing footballers on the pitch, and seeing them misbehaving in the club. I’ve had far too many incidents in nightclubs for getting aggro with players because they’re out before important games and it drives me INSANE! I was sat no more than 8ft away from the net this goal slammed in and it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. It happened in slow motion I’m sure of it. Now I can look at this beautiful print everyday to remind me just how skilful and wondeful football can be. It’s a nice reminder during this drab and testing time for MUFC.
Another weird one from my mum. Apparently this is me because I’m called Eleanor and I struggle to share things. Rude.
i got a go pro which is so so fab because I’m particularly interested in the cinematography side of cinema and TV at the minute. It’s a great thing to build up on on the side of my acting. It’s going to be such a relief to not have to lug around my SLR all the time when i’m filming. Will also be extremely cool when I travel this year.
Obviously a gift from my brother. I mean this is a serious improvement on some past gifts. Of course this is the thing that drew him in in The Body Shop lollllllz!

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