Amsterdam October ’15

I like to make sure that I can get to Amsterdam at least once every 6 months. It’s one of my favourite places to be in, and with a flight time of around 1 hour it’s easier to get to than most places in England. What made it even more special this time, was going with a bunch of friends who have never experienced its bustling beauty before. I visited all of my favourite haunts and documented them in photos as shown below.

I stayed in a gorgeous apartment (Airbnb) which was located in De Pijp – in my opinion Amsterdams best district. De Pijp is similar to Manchesters Northern Quarter and great food places and lively bars are scattered through the streets. I much prefer the nightlife in De Pijp as opposed to the nightlife in the city centre. The city centre bars are so overpriced and full of the kind of people you definitely don’t want to be around on your trip to Dam. De Pijp however is full of international students and locals. People don’t spend their time looking at their phones in De Pijp. It’s a refreshing environment to be in.

The apartment I stayed in was absolutely beautiful. With white wash wooden floors and beams to lift the overhanging living room, it allowed the glorious dutch sun to stream through the entire apartment space. The roof top terrace was seemingly created to be only ever used for drinking either coffee or gin, and watching the sun rise or set.

It’s not easy dressing in Autumn in Amsterdam. With the chance of rain lurking ready to spill at any given moment, my days were full of adrenaline whilst risking my suede coat. The heavy layers aren’t flattering but city breaks are full of wardrobe dilemmas but you’ve just gotta ditch the weather uncertainties and hope for the best. This is my new coat from Urban Outfitters. The cuffs and the rich amber suede instantly took my fancy, and since ASOS were taking so much time bringing out their AW Coat of my dreams I bought this instead.

IMG_2527 IMG_2602 aillis201510270138122 aillis201510270140569

I’m obsessed with this Calvin Klein pastel pink jumper. It’s soooooo comfy. I definitely recommend getting one if your looking something to slob around in this Winter!  

snapchat @elliethorpex
snapchat @elliethorpex

12189871_10153052657270947_8306312322148140132_n-2 P1010636 12193581_10153052813695947_2620617362944792360_n

Since I last visited Amsterdam in June,many of the top coffeeshops have been forced to close their doors in an attempt to “clean up” the streets. Some coffeeshops have changed their licences meaning that they cannot sell both alcohol AND weed but you can still smoke up in some of the bars serving alcohol providing you didn’t buy the weed on the premises. It’s confusing, but was easily explained by a super nice guy in my favourite Stones Cafe (De Pijp.) I did fall in ❤ with him tbh. Like how devastating is it when you meet someone hot on holiday and know theres no chance of a further pursue. So if you’re reading this boy who only works 3 days a week in Stones – hey whats up helloo!

Here are some other shots I snapped during my weekend away!

Till next time Dam!



IMG_2507 P1010662 P1010666 IMG_2531 P1010687 P1010691 P1010696 P1010704 IMG_254411705182_10153052711015947_7967064411215279482_nimage2-4 IMG_2569 IMG_2585
P1010808 P1010815 P1010821 P1010822 P1010842 P1010848 P1010849
P1010855 P1010856 IMG_2596

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