Burger & Lobster

Last night I moved into my new home with my gorge cousin Emily. We are both thrilled to be living in such a nice apartment in the greatest city in the world! Luckily our new place is only like a 30 second walk to each of our work places as well! (Congratulations to Em who is going to be a supervisor at the new Missguided concession which is opening in Selfridges Exchange Square very soon! This is as well as doing her 4th year at uni – megababe.) 

To celebrate new beginnings we went to the new Burger and Lobster restaurant which opened recently on King Street. It was so delicious and the cocktails were equally as fab. I’ve never had lobster before because I don’t eat a lot of fishy foods but it was gorgeeee and the perfect place to try it for the first time. Cocktail-wise, I recommend the Dean Street Breeze which caters to all of your gin needs.

I would definitely say to try it out if your looking to eat out somewhere different. Especially if you like a buzzing atmosphere as their was a DJ who was playing some absolute tunes!

the only thing we have in our fridge

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2 thoughts on “Burger & Lobster

  1. I really want to try Burger and Lobster, even more so now after seeing your pictures because the food looks amazing… And I’m loving the minimalist approach when it comes to the contents of your fridge. Who needs food when you can have GIN!

    Samio xx

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