I’ve pieced together the most memorable moments of last nights 2015 Video Music Awards incase your bank holiday was too lairy to watch it all! What did you think of the show? Personally I never tend to enjoy MTV Award shows and I feel like this one wasn’t anything too special. One thing I dislike about these awards is that it seems to be a selection of 10 artists just remixed across the different category. Theres no real appreciation for music videos across the world. Its just the corporate labels, however saying that, there are a few artists which I do love in the nominee list so without further ado…

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 13.24.58

I actually thought that Miley really pulled off her gig as hostess of the VMAs. She was a lot less offensive than she has been on previous years – minus her outfit choices – but if thats the most offensive thing about her it can’t be that bad right? She opened the show with poise and a really nice tempo and her joke delivery had fluidity. I LOVED her first segment with Andy Samberg  Damnberg (cheers Heaven) and the hilarious Ike Barinholtz. Her instagram HQ was brilliant and I loved the way she completely took the piss out of herself with their help.   tumblr_ntxpt3Qf1W1ryvjzno1_500 tumblr_ntynbz2JzQ1r83d7lo1_1280

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 12.59.58

Justin has had an eventful week with the release of new single What Do You Mean? along with two supporting music videos for it. Justin picked up best visual effects for video Where R U Now (because i’m sure he had LOOOOOADS to do with the technical visual side of the production.) After 5 years, Justin returned to the VMA stage to perform a medley of the two aforementioned songs. The first half of the performance was done in a very typical Bieber style. He sung along to Where R U Now and performed a very tightly choreographed dance routine with his usual assemble of backing dancers. This then led into a debut performance of his latest single in which he interacted with the audience and randomly flew for half a minute or so. It wasn’t till the performance reached its end that Justin burst into tears and people really started to raise eyebrows. It wasn’t just a couple of tears from an overwhelming reception but more of a crying out all the negative things he’s done in the past few years kinda cry.

tumblr_ntxgvcqCBr1u8vmj9o1_1280 tumblr_ntxk40Ikrc1qjvnrno2_500

As for his outfit. Biebs whats going on? The Hair? Who thought this would be a good idea? It’s the same floppy do featured in his new video and I just don’t understand. Lets talk more video. Directed by Brad Furman, the music video takes on a similar concept to the one in previous single As Long As You Love Me. Its dark, its dingy, it’s got a hired actor in it – this time Columbian American actor John Leguizamo. I enjoyed most of the sex scene and the Calvin Klein shots, even the plot seemed promising before it turned out that everything was okay. What happened to the big money exchange? That was just for the entrance to the underground skate club? Surely not. An anti-climax to the beginning of the racy video but I guess you can’t expect that much. 

tumblr_ntxf4r2J2s1rpgfoho8_500 tumblr_ntxfdkrFxb1r5hvkyo1_500 tumblr_ntxfkyoPja1r01sado1_500 tumblr_ntxfsixMvT1r5d41bo1_500

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 13.25.36

It was a huge night for Swifty no surprise to anyone. This queen has been dominating the industry this year and last night was no exception as she picked up two coveted awards. Additionally, her music video was aired for the first time during the VMA pre-show. What better to wake up on your 23rd birthday than to a new music video from Taylor? Wildest Dreams was directed by Joseph Kahn who has previously worked with Taylor on Bad Blood and Blank Space. It had elements of cinematography similar to those in Blank Space, but this video is set in 1940 Africa. Despite the lack of celebrity cameos, the video does feature a VIP in the form of Scott Eastwood, Clint Eastwoods 29 year old model turned actor of a son. He plays the perfect 40’s dreamboat. I LOVE the backdrop and I LOVE the inclusion of the set in the first half of the video. Taylor is all brown curls, red lips and cat eyed sunglasses on set as she deals with Monroe tantrums and romantic complexes. She surrounds herself with all the safari animals we love the most as the romance between herself and Eastwood, her co-star, unfolds on their film set. Cut to the films premiere and we see Scott in the arms of his WIFE. I LOVE THE GLANCE AND TWO SECONDS TAYLOR HAS TO RECOVER FROM THE SHOCK OF SEEING HIM WITH HER. We have all had those moments and Taylor recreated it perfectly. This is a quaint and dreamy video in comparison to her last one (Bad Blood) but this is a nice transisition for her fifth single from 1989. Best part of the video? All proceeds are going to wild animal conservation efforts through the African Parks Foundation of America.

tumblr_ntxh7a9OsK1s64eaho1_r1_500 tumblr_ntxl1mhak91rujxbco2_1280 tumblr_ntxl1mhak91rujxbco5_1280 tumblr_nty35iRYfk1roxle0o1_500

there is a fan theory that Taylor is supposed to be pregnant in this video – plot twist!


Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 13.25.46

Nicki opened the show with a medley of her songs and a surprise appearance from Taylor Swift. The two performed a small section of Bad Blood and laughed off their own bad blood. Nicki performed on a throne of body painted men and the entire set was incredibly fleek she looked like the Trinidad princess she is. 

tumblr_nty9ggHHQA1th4jo4o1_500 tumblr_nty9ggHHQA1th4jo4o4_1280 tumblr_ntyr9asSx01r5n0bgo3_r1_1280.gif

Things took a dramatic turn from here when Nicki accepted her award for best hip hop video. She looked like she was thoroughly enjoying walking up to accept even treating the audience to a lil anaconda dancing. Was anybody prepared for the shade thrown right back to Miley? DAYUMNNNNNNN perfect VMA moment. Miley did well not to bite back but she could have done a better job of hiding her disdain. The internet is already full of WHATS GOOD MILEY t-shirts and tbh I need one right now. 



Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 13.25.24

LOS ANGELES, CA - AUGUST 30:  Recording artist Kanye West accepts the Vanguard Award onstage during the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on August 30, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Christopher Polk/MTV1415/Getty Images)
 (Photo by Christopher Polk/MTV1415/Getty Images)

I just can’t get over Taylors speech to Kanye. It was just so cute and what forgiveness truly is. The words she said really humbled everything that he is as an artist and as a person and it was good to have that reminder. It was so good for his image to have someone like her to remind us what he has done for the industry so far, due to having softer star persona who is incredibly influential in respect to good or bad. His speech was going incredibly well at the start and when he was talking about North I was like daaaaaamn Kanye. However, I started going a bit west when he started basically talking about space and matter. Kudos for elevating the ratings and media manipulation though. I bet MTV didn’t enjoy airing that. And presendtial? I’m not wasting time discussing that. R U SERIOUS KANYE. 

SO YEAH nothing else REALLY stood out to me but heres a rundown of what I thought! Hope you all had a good bank holiday and it’s safe to say I’m dreading what the EMAs will bring. Come on Emmys I need some real awards shows in my LIFE!

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