High By The Beach

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 21.20.33 Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 21.22.03High By The Beach is the lead single from Lana Del Reys upcoming album Honeymoon. Despite numerous bouts of critical acclaim from music critics I’m still undecided on whether I love or hate it. I love the concept I just find the melody too unfamiliar right now but I’m sure in time i’ll come to enjoy it. The music video for the track premiered today and if you haven’t seen it yet take a look

–> https://www.youtube.com/user/LanaDelReyVEVO <–

The video is shot in wonderful light and a very minimalist setting which is perfect for the rhythm of the song. Shot at a beachside location, it’s all white wash wood as Lana serenades the camera in a duck egg blue and cream nightgown. She looks her usual astounding self with simple hair and makeup alongside her natural beauty being the central focus of her look. I loved the lack of cast in the video, it was just her, an un-named paparazzi and nameless faces in a magazine. There was something very poignant about the isolation of her in the video and it perhaps gives us the opportunity to look at a celebrities life from another angle – their angle. Lonely, intimated, and frustrated. Not to worry though because her bazooka was on hand to be used without thinking to shoot down the paparazzi in the chopper, leaving us with nothing but a huge explosion (and i thought this video was looking low budget) and burned pieces of a celebrity magazine. Here’s to Honeymoon and beach get aways.

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