Kendall in London

Not only did Kendall break a guiness world record, but she also looked incredibly chic during her time in London this week. I sometimes find Kendalls fashion choices hard to relate too but I am LOVING these two looks that she sported this week.

This high neck jumper is the perfect colour on someone who sticks to nude tones without blending in to a boring neutral background. The slight mustard tone really lifts the casualness of the outfit and I love the tailoring on it. Pinched in the right places and oversized in others (that waist, those sleeves ) this is the perfect piece to rock up a jeans and jumper day. Kendall also wears some on trend metallic Barbara Bui silver shoes which are currently on sale at Yoox.

tumblr_nqrzcwrOSL1tdp8a3o1_1280 tumblr_nqsuirq9lC1t090qqo1_500 tumblr_nqsuirq9lC1t090qqo2_500

This next look is absolutely divine and really speaks to my heart in this all black everything combo! It’s oversized and as black as can be which is yano what every 22 year old dreams of. I love this simplicity of this look even though the different black fabrics all work together to create a bigger statement. One of my fave Kendall looks to date! London looks very good on K.J.tumblr_nqryo7iJ9w1ttv5tmo1_540

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