GOT S05E10

I don’t know how to begin this blog post because I am still serverly emotionally damaged. Shall we take it from the top?

The final episode of season 5 began with a weary Stannis being told that half his men has deserted in the night. Yano because he burned his daughter. Alive. Moments after, he is led to a hung Selsye who has been found dead in the woods. At this point I knew that we were in for a lot of death tonight. So in two minutes flat Stannis is completely alone in the world. He orders to march on to Winterfell with the strength he has left. Stannis is told that the Lady Melisandre was seen leaving the camp.
Cut to castle black. Jon and Sam are having an endearing conversation about the dead that the Walker King raised. Sam seems a lot cooler than usual and eventually asks Jon for his leave. I feel like yeah Sam obviously would be the best Maester ever (except Maester Aemon) and he has always known it’s what he’s meant to be but I wish he would stop trying to bring Gilly into it. Like just stop talking about her for one minute will you Sam. He’s the classic boy who fell in love and I just don’t have any time for her. It’s very nice to hear Jon say “at least the end of the world will work out well for one of us” however just no. stop.
But alas, Jon is left alone in castle black as the most hated man on the wall.
Stannis approaches Winterfell on foot and is soon greeted by Rooses strength and a battle ensues. Meanwhile, Sansa unpicks her chamber doors and lights that bloody candle finally! Oh but wait. At that precise moment, Brienne is distracted by Pods word of Stannis’ arrival and she splits. Perfect timing babes! Sansa is then found by queen bitch herself, Miranda. Queen bitch is too nice. Dog bitch Miranda. With an arrow pointed at her heart, Sansa has a few seconds to decide what to do and without thinking she tells her that if she’s to die she wants to die whilst there is still some of her left. At this point I was cheering. GO ON THEON!!! YOUR BACK!!!!!! YES HE PUSHED HER! What a moment! I’ve never been so happy to see someone fall to there death before. Except Lysa Arryn. But now what??? What the fuck has happened to them? So many questions it’s frustrating. Then, their own jump. That jump was bloody huge. I hope they both floated to safety and are well on there way to Brienne and Pod by now.
Back in the woods Brienne finds an injured Stannis. Poor guy tbh. I feel like in minimal time he’s gone from hero to zero. Note how he was using his sword as a walking stick, his whole physicality pointed towards a defeat. How fickle the wheel can be. Brienne finds Stannis slumped at the bottom of a tree and he has no will or energy to fight on. Instead, Brienne finally gets the truth she’s needed for so long. That it was blood magic that took Renlys life. She sentences him to death and there we have it. But wait. A few points worth making. We didn’t see the head. It only counts if you see the head removed right? Game of Thrones death politics are the bane in my life thanks GRRM. There’s a small possibility that Melisandre could have stopped the death but then where would this leave Brienne? It’s all too much. Hopefully next season starts with a procession of funerals because I won’t believe these people are dead until I see them burn and even then there will still be doubts!
Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 18.36.38
I KNEW THAT KISS WAS TOO MUCH DAMN YOU ELLARIA SAND YOU SASSY SON OF A BITCH! Just as we are treated to a rare and touching scene between Jaime and his only daughter, it’s cruelly taken away from us. It was so lovely to see Myrcella know she is Jaimes daughter and to have her admit it to him? Well my eyes were pouring. ‘I’m happy that your my father’ *cries* wait. is that a? no, NO!!!!!! Turn that ship around right now! Doran is going to be livid. I am not even going to ponder Cerseis rage because well. That’s another paragraph entirely. Another scene, another death. WHEN WILL IT END? GRRM is sitting at home screaming I TOLD YOU ALL MEN MUST DIE.
I’m so glad that Aryas scene started mid-action. An excellent use of timing because I’d much rather have more action then plotting when it comes to Arya in Braavos. Despite this, it still means were non the wiser about how the magic behind the faces works. This was an incredible piece of work by Maisie Williams and I’m sure she’s being offered cool horror parts all over Hollywood right now. She owned the terror and never let the pace of the scene slip. Things then of course took a turn for the worse. THE MANY FACED GOD SENDS ME SO WEST. I just need so many questions answering. Why is she blind? Is Jaqhen blind? Who is Jaqhen? WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?
tumblr_npzhiv9fdZ1s6bxzqo1_540.png tumblr_npznsknI6x1s9c6nao3_500
Poor Dany. She’s finally realised that fucking over your friends gets you nowhere. Well duh bitch I coulda told you that last week! I loved seeing her dressed distressed again it really took the audience back to the first few seasons in her Dothraki days. Poor Drogon is sleepy and tired of his mum nagging him. Suddenly, Daenerys is surrounded by strangers. Is that a Dothraki braid I spot?
Lena Headey. I salute you. You incredible human being. You artist. I’ve waited all season for this scene and oh wow did it live up to it’s expectations. Cersei’s Atonement will be a scene that goes down in Television history in my opinion, and she needs to win all the Emmys ever. This is the first full frontal we have seen from Cersei and Lena explains this. She claims that most of Cersei’s power is down to the fact she has always been clothed and this adds an elusive element to her character. I NEVER thought there would be a day in which my heart breaks for Cersei but last night was that day. A horrific moment for any woman to be shaved and stripped and paraded for the world to see. Cersei held her head high whilst being covered in human waste, food and showered with “cunts.” Poor woman. Seriously I really felt for her. It was one of the most incredibly intense scenes of this season and that’s down to Lena’s incredible acting. Now for the “Shame.” It was hard to be feeling such heavy emotions whilst reading on twitter “I can’t wait for next Halloween to dress as a nun and follow people with a bell saying Shame.” Hilarious. This scene drew great controversy when being filmed as the church and town they were filming in forbade any nudity so a separate exterior had to be built. Confidentiality contracts were signed by all extras, cast and crew, to prevent any leaked footage or photos of the scene. Another highlight of this segment was we FINALLY have got to see The Mountain. Well, we got to see his eyes, and that was enough! He’s took the vow of silence (he never said anything interesting anyway) and he looks bigger and badder than ever.
tumblr_npz5xwaAk91qc0dmqo1_500 tumblr_npz5xwaAk91qc0dmqo3_500 tumblr_npzuqkkbz11sgc8bno2_1280 tumblr_npzuqkkbz11sgc8bno1_1280
Back to the wall and Melisandre has arrived looking rather dead herself. There is a saddened look in her eye and maybe she’s realised she’s a total phoney? Now. It is hard to go on when my heart hurts so. I KNEW. THAT LITTLE PIECE OF DISGUSTING SHIT WOULD LEAD TO TROUBLE YES OLLY YOU FUCKING PRICK. I never expected this to happen. Never at all. If Jon could survive an army of wights then why not this. LIKE WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON. There are a million theories behind what’s next for Jon Snow because nobody can accept his death, however I think I’ll draw them up in a separate post because I am NOT accepting he’s dead ever. I’m so pissed off they used Benjen Stark to lure him under false pretences. How fucking rude. The question on everyones mind? WHERE IS GHOST?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!
I’m not okay
I’ll never be okay
Here are some of my favourite reactions from fans on tumblr to help lift the somber mood I’ll feel forever.
Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 19.44.35
\Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 19.46.50 Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 19.47.46 Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 19.47.53
Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 19.48.09
Thanks for putting up with my Game of Thrones blog post series ramblings, I’ve really appreciated all of the positive feedback and suggestions! Till next year!
“Jon fell to his knees. He found the dagger’s hilt and wrenched it free. In the cold night air the wound was smoking. “Ghost,” he whispered. Pain washed over him. Stick them with the pointy end. When the third dagger took him between the shoulder blades, he gave a grunt and fell face-first into the snow. He never felt the fourth knife. Only the cold…”

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