Game Of Thrones S05E09

It’s took me a week to write this post. Not due to my slow work ethic, but due to the recovery period that came after the penultimate episode of season 5. I feel like the episode was split in two – Stannis, and Daenerys. Despite a few other wonderful scenes in both Dorne, and Castle Black, most of the episode centred on these two characters.

The episode begins with Melisandre staring into her fires. I instantly thought she must have seen last weeks Walker battle in her shapes but seconds later the truth is revealed as she marches outside and sees multiple tents and horses on fire amidst Stannis’ camp. It’s made known that Ramseys 20 men were responsible for the fires, but still, I feel as though it was a foreshadow of Rh’ollors anger with his loyal servant Melisandre and her later *gulps* sacrifice. Either way, surely that wasn’t the only plan Ramsey has with his 20 men. I dread to think what else he has in store.


Next comes the heartwarming (probably should have used a more tactical phrase) scene between Ser Davos and Princess Shireen. He gives her a wooden Stag as a token of thanks. They say their goodbyes as Davos prepares to leave for The Wall under Stannis’ instruction. There’s a strong feeling under the scene in which its apparent that Davos knows this is the last goodbye he will ever say to his friend and teacher Princess Shireen.  Both actors were given copies of the stag prop to keep. Cute.

tumblr_npgyzv3s5C1s6bxzqo2_r1_500.png tumblr_npnnfrVIsa1r3mpnto1_500

In Dorne, Jaime and Bronn are as witty as ever, and both looking mighty fine in this regal setting. The location used to film the interiors were done in the famous Alcazar of Seville – a medieval Islamic royal palace in Spain and an Unesco heritage site. This luxurious place has very rarely been open to filming. I loved the camerawork in these scenes. That first shot when Jaime is escorted in and him and the guards are filmed from the floor facing up. Ugh I just live for work like that. Ellaria Sand is by far the sassiest of them all but to be honest she really does need to pipe the fuck down and show some respect to Doran because yano, he’s cool as fuck.


Arya, Arya, Arya. What is going on? Answers someone please? She now has her eyes set on killing Meryn Trant. “Why?” I’ve heard countless people ask. Meryn was the man who is suspected to have killed her loving faithful dancing teacher Syrio Forel. Throw in the fact that he’s now a renowned paedophile and it should make a pretty interesting kill. We know Arya still has access to needle, but how on earth could she kill him with steel and not be suspected? Perhaps she needs a new face? And some quality time with him in the brothel. EW just be gone! On a side note, Mace Tyrell, what even is he doing. I think I love him though. He’s so joyous and full of song. I thank whichever fine internet specimen created this because I laughed for like two days straight.

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 23.50.26

Then one of the most emotional scenes from one of the most emotionless characters takes place. STOP TALKING SHIREEN JUST STOP. Her confidence and determination to offer her help to her father lured me into a total false sense of protection. I thought she was willing to do anything and damn it when she took those tiny steps towards that pyre I thought she knew why! I assumed (the worst thing you can do whilst watching GOT) that off screen, Stannis had explained to her what must be done. But no. NO. I kinda see why Stannis did it that way because I’m guessing the less time begging to not do it the better am I right? But seriously what the fuck. During Sons Of Anarchy there was a *SIGH SPOILER ALERT JUST CATCH UP ALREADY* scene in which ONE OF the bikers had to watch their daughter be burned alive and I swear to God it was the most awful thing I’ve ever seen on television. It haunted me for weeks like I was so disturbed because of how traumatic and awful it was and this just brought it all back! THANKFULLY the visuals were left out although I think the screams were just as bad! I’m just glad they decided to portrait Selsye in a less harsh light than usual and she actually tried to stop it. I felt like I couldn’t breathe after this scene and to skip straight to the Meereen fighting pits! WHAT!


tumblr_npn5t1XKVp1qmoy4io4_r2_250 tumblr_npn5t1XKVp1qmoy4io5_r1_250

tumblr_npn5t1XKVp1qmoy4io1_r1_250 tumblr_npn5t1XKVp1qmoy4io6_r1_250

To the pits! Ay ay ayyyyy! I could feel the atmosphere from my living room! The scenes were completely buzzing with excitement, adrenaline and dread. FIRSTLY. I love how much Tyrion ships Daenerys and Jorah lol he’s totally down for it. SECONDLY ok Daario still might sketch me out but he’s hot. Seriously hot. He doesn’t even mind third wheeling because he knows he’s hot. When Jorah threw that GOD DAMN SPEAR I JUST COULD NOT DEAL. If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll know how much I loathe and fear the Sons of Harpy. I FUCKING HATE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There seems to be no possible way out. Hizdahr is dead. Jorahs back in the circle of trust. Tyrion saved Missandei. They’re all completely circled but oh wait. Dany closes her eyes. Much debate has been had, was she simply waiting for death or calling her dragons for help? I personally believe that she was embracing her fate, and waiting for death. I would totally believe that she had some form of psychic connection with Drogon, if only she had closed her eyes for a few seconds longer. But no, it was all too quick for it to have been her sending a message. Still amazing though. HOW DARE they try and spear him down. So rude. Talking of RUDE Daenerys how dare you leave your squad! Everyone could have got onto Drogons back! Talking of Drogon, it sickens me to think how much money would have been spent on that short flying scene. Thousands and thousands of dollars for sure. I DID however find it a bit too fake. I’m not sure why something just didn’t seem right when she took off into air. I think Emilia Clarke is an incredible response actor. By that, I mean her facial expressions when communicating a response, are always spot on and totally believable. I did however see a dip in this when she was flying on Drogon. The uncertainty of when she first got onto him was perfect but it was the flight I struggled with.

tumblr_npmd2sqB6a1qi2twuo2_250 tumblr_npmd2sqB6a1qi2twuo4_250 tumblr_npn3iedkYV1s2791bo1_500  tumblr_npnb36MEfU1rl58vno2_540 tumblr_npnb36MEfU1rl58vno3_540 tumblr_npnb36MEfU1rl58vno4_540



I can’t believe it’s almost over. One more episode left. I’ll be watching tonight at 2AM. Alone. Pray for me plz. I have no other option but to stay up and watch it tonight due to late night work commitments monday & tuesday. Im genuinely concerned for my emotional wellbeing but some things you’ve just gotta do. The next time i’ll be writing, my head will no doubtely be blown and my heart broken.

Until then…

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