Macbeth (2015)

Macbeth is my favourite Shakespeare play ever. I first read it when I was 8 and it blew my entire mind. Now that i’m older, I realise an 8 year old probably shouldn’t have been reading such themes but alas, I soaked up every word. A group of TIE actors had come into my primary school to perform scenes from the play for us. It was this that heightened my passion for acting and since that day I was absolutely sure that that’s what I wanted to do and nothing has changed since. I was cast as Macbeth himself (partly insulted because I was too young to understand that in shakespeare, gender identity has no place) but also flooded with joy at the chance of a leading role. Unfortunately later that day I was sent home from school due to a bad case of the Shingles. I didn’t make it to act two and my lead role was snatched from my sorrowful tiny hands. However that didn’t stop me. I poured over the play year after year until I was about 16. Lady Macbeth was one of my favourite characters in the world. Of course, I knew that she was pretty damn absurd, but I loved her passion and her thirst for power. Lady Macbeth is a character who inspires so many that we see on TV and film today.Think Cersei Lannister, Gemma Teller, even Jesse Pinkman (as I’ve said, Shakespeare knows no gender boundaries.) When the news broke that there was going to be a new film adaptation of the play, it was said that Michael Fassbender would play alongside Natalie Portman. I am so happy (sorry Natalie) that she dropped out and replaced by the incredibly talented and beautiful Marion Cotillard. I just feel as though she is a much better fit to a character as poisonous as this one. Apparently she has always dreamed of playing Lady Macbeth but she thought it would always happen on stage, and in French. It has always been presumed that LM is Scottish, however for the film, Marion kept her French accent. Producer Iain Canning explained that it created a bigger sense of separation. This was vital in developing the isolation that is felt between herself and the rest of the cast. One thing I’m really pleased about is that director Justin Kurzel worked as a designer on a stage production of Macbeth in which his wife played LM. Hopefully that means that the film will still keep the specific stage elements of the performance which makes the script what it is. After its premiere at this years 68th Cannes Film Festival, it was given a 10 minute standing ovation by the audience. Does this imply another potential Oscar nod for Marion? Another aspect I can’t wait to see is the costume design. Lady Macbeths gown has always been a somewhat crucial and memorable part of each performance and adaptation. Take this Thierry Mulger one for example, this was used in the 1985 version however keeps with the traditional description of the gown worn by Lady Macbeth.    tumblr_npflztReVf1rl1a4zo1_500

The film is heading for an October 2015 release and you can watch the harrowing trailer here

tumblr_npfi4vGVM51qc4c8bo2_500 tumblr_npfi4vGVM51qc4c8bo5_540 tumblr_npfi4vGVM51qc4c8bo4_540 tumblr_mym21f2tgc1r47bczo1_500

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