Game Of Thrones S05E07

OMG! This was the episode the season has desperately needed! Action, death and sex! What GOT does best. After a somewhat slow start to the season, this episode bounced back it back to life and had me gasping throughout.

The first part of the episode circulated around The North. Jon left for the East in an attempt to round up The Wilding’s. Many brothers still seemed unpleased about this which ultimately left Sam Tarley “Without many friends.” We also said a sad goodbye to Maester Aemon. I kind of wish that he had a tiny bit more airtime or maybe a grand old speech but in his weary ways he didn’t have much more to give. Asides from that, i’m pretty satisfied with his how his departure went because in all honesty he did have one of the great moments last week. His “Kill The Boy” scene still lingers in my thoughts daily. Maester Aemon is the first character to ever die from natural causes on Game Of Thrones. Sam’s brutal beating was awful to watch however Ghost once again saved the day. Gilly also finally gave it up for Sam. About time too! It was a pleasant end to a few harrowing scenes. Amidst all the other drama in The North, Stannis is horrified by Melisandres latest request. She knows that the only way that Stannis can succeed is to sacrifice his only daughter Shireen. This season, there has been particular focus on the relationship between Stannis and his daughter with several touching moments. Due to her having Kings blood, it is implied that she needs to be given to the Lord of The Light in order for a false king and enemy to die. The sad thing is, Melisandre has turned out to be correct in the past. Robert, Robb and Joffrey all died after she performed her rituals however is that truly the power of R’hllor or simply coincidence?tumblr_noysmoiS5l1sdzlbpo1_500

In Winterfell, Sansa is battered & bruised. I really believed that Theon was going to remember his former self and for a second he did. Of course, nothing is as easy as that in the seven kingdoms. Instead of Theon lighting the candle that could have alerted her “friends in The North,” her lovely old friend was instead flayed in truth Bolton style. A very disturbing moment. Just as all seems lost, the screen cuts to a 3 second glimpse of Brienne watching over Winterfell and reminding us that there is still hope.

tumblr_noxmteb7ft1qmoy4io2_250The sheer panic in Ser Jorahs face upon hearing that the Queen was in attendance at the fighting pits was glorious. Excellent acting from Iain Glen. He slays all competition with utter most ease and then presents himself to Daenerys. It was a sad moment when she denied him instantly. He kept her alive for so many years so I really hope she hears him out. Tyrion “The Gift” then came forth to announce his presence. This is such a huge moment for HBO’s Game Of Thrones. It is the first time a Lannister and a Targaryan have ever exchanged words or even shared a screen. Critics will have a lot to say about this however because this is still yet to happen in the books. Producers said that they have no eloquent reason other than not wanting a 10 year adaptation and instead, wanting to bring together the shows “two greatest characters” – (hmm very bold statement HBO.) With the episodes title being “The Gift,” many presumed  it was in reference to the stretch of land between Winterfell and The Wall. It became apparent that Tyrion was infact The Gift. Daario is becoming all the more involved in Meereens politics. My brother has a theory that he is behind the sons of harpy. He is far too suspicious not to be. On a fashion note, Daenerys is SLAYING in white recently. Her dress reminded me of Gwenyth Paltrows 2012 Oscar dress. Do you think Khaleesi was wearing Tom Ford too lolz?

tumblr_now6j7ibbz1qzcyf3o1_1280 7419605f5198a842838dde83fbffddd5tumblr_now6j7ibbz1qzcyf3o2_500tumblr_now6j7ibbz1qzcyf3o3_1280 tumblr_now6j7ibbz1qzcyf3o4_1280 tumblr_now6j7ibbz1qzcyf3o5_1280 tumblr_noyt2mrMq41sdzlbpo1_250 tumblr_noyt2mrMq41sdzlbpo2_250 tumblr_noyt2mrMq41sdzlbpo3_250 tumblr_noyt2mrMq41sdzlbpo4_250

Back in Kings Landing, Natalie Dormer plays up to Margery’s madness incredibly well. She looked dreadful and the cinematography surrounding her was wonderfully eery. A drastic difference in comparison to her usual Highgarden self. I LOVED her crazy bitch outburst! Natalie’s internal and external character transformation was brilliant and this showed she’s definitely not just a pretty face. The scene really showed off her acting range and I wouldn’t be surprised if she was already being swamped with horror film scripts and offers.tumblr_nozbbvN2fN1qjfloto1_500

I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN! Bronn began his scene as comical as ever singing along to the wife of the dornishman. I enjoyed the interaction between him and the Sandsnakes. After some casual flirting with one of them, it was revealed that he was indeed poisoned by a blade. In my opinion there was far too much breast exposure in comparison to the ratio of male nudity this season (and all seasons.) I’m all for freeing the nipple but can we equally have some male nudez plz. I’m also very on edge because I feel like the antidote worked far too easily? Is Bronn really out of the woods? It seems all too obvious to me.

tumblr_noxdrhXIRW1uwcz5ko1_1280 tumblr_noxdrhXIRW1uwcz5ko2_1280 tumblr_noxz27taNK1uvbpbbo1_1280 Jaime seems very comfertable in Dorne which is strange to me. I love seeing his frustration to his disobeying child. How sweet is this mirroring between Myrcella, Sansa, Ned and Jaime.tumblr_noyh3qWG8X1thu2vbo2_400tumblr_noyh3qWG8X1thu2vbo1_400












tumblr_noyh3qWG8X1thu2vbo4_400   tumblr_noyh3qWG8X1thu2vbo5_400









Just when you thought the episode couldn’t get any more explosive, obviously it does. Oh wow. Jonathan Pryce. Thankyou for bringing your amazing acting to this show. Not only was his interaction with Diana Rigg outstanding, but with Lena, the show just ignited a fire. This is a fine example of why HBO is on another level to anybody else. The ease between line exchanges flows so brilliantly and I learn so much from their acting skills. We start with Tommen furious and outraged at his wifes imprisonment. Another lovely shadowing between Tommen and his biological father is shown.


At this point, Cersei delivers an emotional and convincing scene in which she promises to do all she can to help Margery’s case. The awful thing is, I actually started to half believe her. I do not doubt that her love for her children is solid and genuine, but it is her love for control that taints it more and more with each passing episode. The perfect mother illusion was soon shattered when we see her visit Margerys hell hole of a cell. Cersei the conniving bitch is back. Cersei then took to visit the High Sparrow, to ask what is next for Margery and Loras. He explains their situation to her and then swiftly moves on to asking her about the small chapel that they are in. He continues to talk about this and as you slip concentration you then pick up on the fact that he’s making some wonderful points about life. He explains that if all of the gold and pillars and statues are stripped away from a large structure, all that remains is a simple chapel. After finishing up on that this is what is going to happen to the Martells in trial he drops a motherfreeeeeeaking BOMBSHELL question that I for one was not expecting. He asks her what she thinks they would find if they stripped her away. Without the need for anything else it’s then that we know for sure this is the beginning of the end for Cersei. Her foul demeanour and incestous behaviour has finally caught up to her. What do you think lies ahead for Cersei now that she’s found herself in a cell of her own? I’m glad that The Sparrow is finally seeming just. But all of these rules and thousands of rulebreakers. Where will he stop? Nearly every character has flawed in some way. Is there a cell for each of them waiting? Who can stop the justice of the seven?







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