Game Of Thrones S05E06

We are past the half way mark (cry) and this seasons ending is drawing ever nearer. With just three episodes left I am hoping for some real good action. It’s been said that the final episode is going to ‘break the Internet.’ I really hope it does. With the show stopping episode usually being the penultimate, this could potentially imply a huge plot twist or a look at a plot that isn’t yet penned in writing. The day that the readers have dreaded, HBO furthering the books.

This weeks episode heavily centred on Arya and shed more light on her present Braavos situation. I never expected her time in the house of black and white to be so confusing. In the previous 5 episodes we have been left quite in the dark about what Jaqhen has planned for her. Finally, the somewhat elusive scenes are beginning to unfold. It became apparent that Arya is perhaps going to take on the face of the young girl who came to drink from the pool before dying. Where does this leave Maisie Williams future? No rumours have yet circulated surrounding her potential departure which only confuses the matter more. I am not yet up to this part in the books yet so I spend most of my days racking my brains for potential theories. The only reason I think that she might well be about to change identity is that Jaqhen said ‘a girl is not ready to become no-one, but a girl is ready to become someone.’ Does this imply she is going to disguise her way back to westeros? I hope so!

Tyrion and Jorah are well on their way to Daenerys. That is until they were captured. I’m hoping now that Jorahs reunion with her for the first time will be as followed: The captures use Jorah in the first day of fights in the newly reopened fighting pits. Daenerys would have to attend due to courtesy, perhaps even with her betrothed being Jorahs apponent. This would make an interesting uniting and I would love to see how Emilia Clarke would play Daenerys’ reaction. I enjoyed how Jorah explained to Tyrion why he bows to a Targaryan. He speaks of singing dragons and life from ash whilst missing his pained unrequited love. A storyline which is heavily brushed aside in the show compared to the book. I totally ship them (Jorah and Daenerys, not Jorah and Tyrion)


Littlefinger returns to kings landing to be greeted with threats from the new brotherhood manned by Lancel Lannister. ‘The Faith’ then proceed to trial loras for sleeping with men. Once the boy from the brothels (who margery caught in bed with her brother at the start of the season) testifies it becomes apparent that she is to be questioned also. Nobody saw her arrest coming – poor Margery. If only she was married to the most powerful man in the seven kingdoms. Oh wait.

I’m confused as to what Littlefingers plan is when he tells Cersei about Sansas whereabouts and current state in Winterfell. Because it all we know of him in the past and his greed, I’m guessing it’s to secure his role as warden of the north. He ends the scene with “I live to serve.” but who? The throne he’s sworn to? The daughter of the woman he once loved? Or himself?

Myrcella seems to be enjoying her life in Dorne (I mean why wouldnt she) but would you not think she would follow her “uncle” immediately after he has travelled across the world to get her. Surely she would be interested in what he had to say. But no, the worst and shortest fight for myrcella baratheon takes place. Oberyns daughters are quickly halted by the strength of Dorne. Bronn pretty much takes on all three of them single handed with Jaime backing out as he still gets used to his lack of sword hand. Bronns humour carries the scene with his slightly sexist jab at the end and his seeming distaste for battle despite his role as a sellsword. A vital ‘blink and you miss it’ moment happened during this battle. Bronn was slashed during his fight. Whilst an arm cut may seem shy compared to say Jaimes loss of limb, the weapon could well have been poison tainted. The Martells aren’t called the daughters of the viper for nothing.

THE SASS that Olenna brings to this episode is too much. It’s brilliantly hilarious. I would have LOVED to have seen Lena Headey and Dianna Rigg act together. Two great actresses with quick intelligent wit working together is always a treat.


Jon has been getting a lot of stick from his brothers of the nights watch for attempting to reach out to the wildings. This really pisses me off because the point he makes is so right it’s impossible to see reason with the folk who deny him. He tries explaining that it’s either fight the wildings or fight the wildings in the form of wights. If they can’t see that the latter would end them then they are absolute fools. Especially ‘Olly’ the ungrateful little shit who’s pulling his face when Jon has offered him training himself.

Sansa’s wedding would have been a lovely occasion under different circumstance. She looked dreamy in white cable knit and fur, there was a gentle snowfall and a candlelit aisle. The sweetness of the setting contrasted with the bitterness of the reality. Sansa has had several other close call marriages. She was obviously engaged to Joffery, then married to Tyrion. Due to neither marriage/betrothement being consimated her wedding to Ramsey went forth. A huge sacrfice from Sansa in the hope she can avenge her family. Compared to the fragile and scared character we saw a few seasons back she is now starting to develop into the stark that she is. She’s cold, stern and decisive. Her rape was done in the classiest way possible. Forgive me when I say this but I think that they really toned down this awful scene and it wasn’t up to GOT disturbing standards. This could be for many reasons. We are familiar with Sansa (Sophie Turner) now and to have her raped in full view on HBO would be slightly too disturbing for many viewers. A harrowing scene all the while though with Theon’s presence and reaction. I don’t think it’ll be long before he snaps. I just want him to tell Sansa the truth about Bran & Rickon but the fear so deeply imbedded in him has prevented him from doing this thus far.


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