About Bruce

I just wanted to say a small bit on the recent Kardashian special “About Bruce.”

Bruce’s story is so difficult because unless you have been in the position that he and is family are in, it can be really difficult to relate to. However in this weeks two part episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, About Bruce really helped to shed some light on the matter. The part which really struck a chord with myself was when he explained how daunting and frustrating it was for him to consistently have his hair cut and styled short like the “average man” does. I had never even thought for a moment how this must affect him and thousands of other souls with gender identity issues. As a woman, the thought of sitting in a hairdressing chair and watching someone chop off all my hair genuinely terrifies me. Of course, there are hundreds of worse things that happen to people everyday but even imagining the possibility upsets me. I know so many girls that would agree on this too. So think how hard it must have been for Bruce to have to live his life watching his locks be cut month after month when all most women want is long and luscious locks. Thanks to About Bruce, I am far more educated on the struggles that so many people go through. Struggles as simple as a haircut which can ultimately be traumatic ordeals. It is with this knowledge of these pained moments, that can help build and spread awareness in the hope that people can better understand gender identity struggles. With a greater understanding, a greater acceptance is achievable world wide. The thought of people young, old, teens, pensioners, having to hide who they truly are is a heartbreaking notion. I hope that through Bruce’s story, people can find their voices and the strength to use them.

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