Feeling Myself

Theres nothing like waking up in the AM and discovering that Beyonce and Nicki Minaj have teamed up for another huge surprise release. The track Feeling Myself is taken from Nicki’s most recent album Pinkprint yet it was the video debut that rocked the media world today. Filmed during Indio Valleys Coachella festival, Nicki and Bey give a glimpse into festival VIP style whilst having a lot of fun on swanky locations. The video looks familiarly like a one day shoot echoing Beyonces 7/11 music vid.

The fashion is everything pop culture today symbolises.  From Moschino swimsuits with pink furry jackets, to monochrome sports luxe. Bey and Nicki reinstate the fact that seasons and trends can be combined to create one hell of a sassy statement look. I know that Givenchy Pervert shirt is for sure going onto my amazon wishlist! Rumour has it that this was Nicki’s contribution to throwing shade at good friend Blac Chynas Tyga drama. With Pervert across her chest and the number 17 directly under, tumblr is going wild with accusations this was in reference to Tyga and Kylie Jenners relationship.

I’m sure this video will take a lot of stick because people love to hate but GIRLS LOVE BEYONCE and I enjoy nothing more than watching her and nickinick wolfing down big macs whilst singing about Chanel bags and how good they look. With multiple celebrity rivalries dominating magazines and gossip sites, it’s really refreshing to see two successful women big each other up and existing together despite their own individual careers. The best thing? They look genuinely happy and like their having an absolute ball together.  Can we be over girl on girl beef? More power duos please! The full video is floating around the internet however its origins and debut of course belong to Tidal. My favourite moments below-

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tumblr_noknmpZujJ1r7qp5so1_500 tumblr_nokojh7JgW1r7qp5so1_1280 tumblr_noky3hOcOt1qhzi2jo1_500 tumblr_noky3hOcOt1qhzi2jo2_500 tumblr_nokzgs31uC1qhzi2jo1_500

One thought on “Feeling Myself

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