Game Of Thrones S05E05

This episode of GOT was a very typical mid season episode. With the plot beginning to swirl into madness, this episode was one big series connection. I’ve asked many people for their thoughts on the episode and the same reply came from most – ‘yeah it was good, what happened again?’ Without the action from all over the realm, (Braavos and Kings Landing were missed from this episode) things did seem to lack slightly. Despite this there was some very vital points made throughout.

Ser Barristan is fully gone. Greyworm however, is not. I made the mistake last blog post of presuming his death. A grave mistake to do in a series such as GOT. George RR Martin has often said in the past to never presume a character is dead unless they are completely annihilated/head is removed. I jumped to conclusions and proclaimed him dead despite knowing this but alas he is battered and bruised but alive! A very interesting plot line is starting to develop with Greyworm and Missandei. All unsullied are castrated as boys so without male sex organs it will be interesting to see how their own relationship willl unfold. Its been a long time coming for the both of them but finally they have declared their feelings for eachother.

Daenerys is slowly trying to absolve her mistakes. By killing a master and showing the strength of her dragons she is beginning to gain SOME respect back. She also decided to allow the reopening of the fighting pits to free men and to prove her loyalty and faith to the city, she is to marry one of Meereens highest noblemen – Hizdahr zo Loraq.

Kill The Boy is the name of the episode and this line was muttered by one of the shows greatest characters. Maester Aemon is so very wise. He always delivers the most valuable lessons in the most poignant of ways. His word is precious to Jon Snow who always rightly follows his advice. Jon took to Maester Aemon for help with his biggest season decision so far. Without even divulging into his lengthy problems M. Aemon simply felt his face and said all that Jon needed to hear. This is one of my favourite scenes thus far in season 5. It was so beautiful and touching. Of course there are many questions surrounding which boy he was talking about. Mainly Jon himself, however this also could be an indication to Ramsey Bolton, or Tommen Baratheon-Lannister. IM SO SAD that Jon now has to face the other side of the wall again. It’s not what we need at all. He is to travel to where the free folk are based to convince them to board Stannis’ fleet in an attempt to prove that it’s not all a ploy. I can only imagine the dangers he will face on this voyage. Meanwhile in other places in Castle Black, Samwell is catching up on his reading. Stannis approaches him questioning how he killed the Wight that attacked him. Stannis encourages his studying because the most important thing for the realm is to know how to fight them. FINALLY! A King focusing on the real war that’s about to take place. tumblr_no8iznk4Yr1r4pesbo1_540 tumblr_no8iznk4Yr1r4pesbo2_540 tumblr_no8iznk4Yr1r4pesbo3_1280

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“The North Remembers” or so we’ve been told. Sansa is reunited with Reek in the most awful of fashions. I hate that bitch Miranda. Her jealousy seethes over Winterfell in her attempts to torture Sansa. Ramsey continues to be his awful self in claiming that Theon is to walk Sansa down the aisle considering he is the closest thing to kin to her. Ramsey’s bubble is soon burst with the news that Roose and his wife are expecting a son which will madly impact Ramseys claim to the North.


The moment we have long anticipated happened this episode. Tyrion saw one of Daenerys dragons for the first time. This is a key moment because it really connects the two worlds that are one but seem so different. For such a long time Daenerys storylines have seemed so separate to those in Kings Landing but now we finally see a connection. Tyrion and Jorah didn’t have much time to contemplate the wonder of what they saw because of the timely arrival of the stone men. We are familiar with the disease that is greyscale because of Princess Shireen and Gillys horrifying anecdote, however this is the first time we are seeing it in all its terrible glory. It was inevitable that Jorah was going to be afflicted by it even though it pains me to see and say it! It is a classic Shauns mum from Shaun of The Dead situation. It’s a frustration like no other. Only time can tell what is to become of him and his scale. I think he should tell Tyrion who may know more about it. It’s not like Tyrion has many other options right now. tumblr_no6i4wPVic1uued8bo1_500 tumblr_no6i4wPVic1uued8bo2_500 tumblr_no6i4wPVic1uued8bo3_500

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