Game Of Thrones S05E03

Episode 3 of Game of Thrones shed a bit more light on the current politics and antics of the seven kingdoms, however I still feel like i’m none the wiser in regards to whats going to happen next.

Life in Braavos doesn’t seem to be as fab as I thought it was going to be. In fact, I’m pretty damn bewildered at what is actually going on. The whole thing is extremely elusive but despite the confusion there were several striking moments for Arya this episode. The part in which she contemplated parting with Needle brought a tear to me eye. Her last physical connection to Jon Snow. A sword she has lost and found once before. A sword she learnt to use thanks to her beloved dancing teacher. It holds a lot of emotional connections to the north and Westeros and she clearly isn’t ready to say goodbye yet. Once again I saw a hint of a connection between Jaqhen and Syrio Forel. Culture thing or something deeper? Only time will tell!tumblr_nngfmcWgTO1te91lso1_500

Other highlights of the Braavos segments were Jaqhen’s roll of the tongue when he says “Arya Stark” and when Arya calls a faceless girl a cunt.

Watching Margery Tyrell and Cersei Lannister throw some serious shade at eachother was absolutely brilliant. I was literally watching through my hands when Margery slayed Cersei in the most bitchy manipulative fabulous ways of all time “I wish we had some wine for you, it’s a little early in the day for us” Through biting smiles the two women carefully placed their jibes which were a lot of the time hidden as compliments & courtesies. The most wicked of ways to insult someone. There was so much sass I just couldn’t deal. I haven’t seen a power shift like this since SAMCRO’s Clay Morrow was axed as President. It’s a huge adjustment to see Cersei at her most vulnerable. We are used to seeing her cold, vicious and controlling. Without that control we see her in a completely different light. She is grasping for any sort of power she can and befriending The High Sparrow (Jonathan Pryce hurrah!) allows her one more ally. Well asides from the very strange very creepy Qyburn. On a side note I am more apprehensive to see “The Mountain That Rides” AKA Ser Gregor Clegane more than I am the (fully loaded) dragons. Whatever is hiding under that soiled linen does not look friendly, not that he was to begin with!

Every shot scene and second of The Wall makes my heart glad. 100 fold when Jon Snows around. Which he always is. He has fallen into the seat of Lord Commander in the most natural of ways and sits the chair as if he inherited the role by blood. For a long time we have had hints and moments dropped before our eyes that have prepared us for his role as leader therefore it feels completely natural to have him head The Nights Watch. Still though, Stannis and his offer are ever present. Jon is compared once again to his father and reminded how his stubborness and loyalty did not save him. Against Stannis’ hard truths come Davos’ warm words. I loved his gentle approach whilst explaining to Jon that if he doesn’t get his shit together and reclaim The North then all who remain there will suffer. Nothing can move Jon Snow more than the safety and the claim to his own people. Despite his and our doubts of his future as Lord Commander, his present role is still very much his main focus. As the unsullied would say it’s a good move to “be blooded” early. Meaning it’s probably for the best that he took Slynts head off at the beginning of his post. Nobody will fuck around with him in future, and it was also a huge move for his own personal strength as we have seen Jon struggle with pleads for mercy in the past. This scene mirrored two previous GOT scenes; Season 1 Episode 1, and Season 5 Episode 2.


As well as this like father like son moment, it also mirrors the previous episode in which Daenerys is asked for mercy before slaughter which she similarly dismisses, however the effects are completely different. Does this show how both leaders are similar? Or how both leaders are different? Once again Game of Thrones leaves us with another paradox.

Finally Sansa Stark has a decent storyline. She can finally become the Stark that she was so afraid to show in Kings Landing. After finding out she had been brought on her voyage to wed the delightfully disgusting Ramsey (formally Snow) Bolton, she wasn’t too happy. As always, Littlefinger was at hand to persuade her to go along with the little set up in an attempt to properly avenge her family at a later date. This actual conversation was pretty creepy. The proximity of their hands/faces had a kind of sexual tension weird vibe to it especially thanks to the SIX different camera angles used to shoot that one convo. Not sure if this was just excellent cinematography or trying to prove a point. Later on, Sophie Turner delivered the most incredible 2 second switch from stare of doom to darling courtesies which really captured the strength and determination Sansa has. Very excited for her first encounter with Theon “Reek” Greyjoy also.

Oh Brienne. What a heartwarming tale behind her loyalty to Reny Baratheon. I’m glad she’s opening up a bit more this season. It’s really easy to watch her relationship with Pod unfold. My brother really dislikes her due to her determination to avenge Renly when there is bigger fish to fry, but I think that’s what I like about her. She is loyal and sticks to her word. However before she reaches Stannis, she also is meaning to secure the safety of Sansa Stark. Her arrival at Winterfell will be highly anticipated for me!


HAVE YOU EVER SEEN ANYTHING MORE DEGRADING TO THE MOTHER OF DRAGONS QUEEN OF THE ANDALS AND FIRST MEN, KHALEESI, BREAKER OF CHAINS AND PROTECTOR OF THE SEVEN KINGDOMS THAN PROSTITUTES COSPLAYING AS HER. Because that’s what happened, and that is what Ser Jorah Mormont felt! I could see it in the way he finished off his wine and groaned with despair. I ONLY HOPE that he has captured Tyrion in an attempt to take her to Daenerys herself and no other Queen. I feel as though he’s gonna try and use Tyrion to prove his loyalty to her. Depending on how much he knows about the current political state of Westeros as it stands, he may not realise what excellent allies they could all make!

Till next week!

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