Bruce Jenner

(Bruce has not said which pronoun he prefers to use therefore this blogpost will continue to use ‘he’ until further notice)

Last night the two hour long Diane Sawyer interview that everyone has been waiting for aired. Within the first five minutes Bruce confirmed the speculation that has been surrounding him for the last few months ‘I am a woman.’

I definitely did not see this coming and thought he was going to simply going to deny the rumours then the rest of the show would be light talk on life after Kris. How wrong could I have been. The interview last night is something that will go down in history. This is a huge step for the transgender community and Bruce today is being named a hero all over the world and by his own family too. A hero is what he is. This will hopefully encourage all the other people in this world who struggle with identity issues. Not only is Bruce a ‘reality star’ but I feel people are forgetting he is also a sports person. They are renowned for keeping anything to do with their sexuality or gender issues completely private because of the stigma surrounding it. Bruce did not only break the people barrier but the sports barrier too – a truly amazing night for human kind. Bruce has won an Olympic Gold medal in the past yet nothing is a great of achievement as what he now has – freedom.

An important thing which I didn’t understand before the interview was that his sexuality has nothing to do with his gender. Bruce has never been attracted to men and has always and only had sexual relations with women.

Bruce’s family have shown a huge sign of encouragement taking to social medias to say how proud they are of him.

Kim, Kylie and Khloe took to Instagram to show their support after the interview was aired (Kylie before) however it was Kris Jenners message that really brought a tear to my eye:

What a beautiful message from his former wife. As wonderful this is for Bruce, that he can finally be his true self, this must have been quite difficult for his family which is why it’s so refreshing to see such a loving message from Kris.

I don’t feel right bringing a negative into this post but I want to shame this guy all the same; Kris Humphries is a disgusting human being and shows his worth and intelligence in the tweet he wrote last night.

Thank God Perez Hilton was at hand to put him in his place, despite also being fuck you’d by Kris Jenner during his live tweeting of the interview. Oh Perez.

The interview is available on different websites online although it’s trickier to watch here in the UK if you don’t download it. Bruce was charming, witty and loving throughout his time on air. He also said which I find really interesting that he dreams as a female.

Bruce said that Kanye West was a real help when it came to his family understanding. Kanye helped Kim understand the transition by saying to Kim “‘Look, I could be married to the most beautiful woman in the world, and I am. I could have the most beautiful in the daughter in the world. I have that. But I’m nothing if I can’t be me. If I can’t be true to myself, they don’t mean anything.’

‘I’m me. I’m a person. This is who I am. I’m not stuck in anybody’s body. My brain is much more female than male. For all intents and purposes, I am a woman. People look at me differently. They see you as this macho male, but my heart and my soul and everything that I do in life it is part of me, that female side is part of me. That’s who I am. I was not genetically born that way…as of now I have all the male parts and all that kind of stuff so in a lot of ways we’re different, but we still identify as female. And that’s very hard for Bruce Jenner today. Why? I don’t want to disappoint people.’

Bruce – you have disappointed nobody, you have lifted a nation and the eyes of the ignorant.

An eight part docuseries is to air on E! On the 26th July which will be following Bruce on the rest of his transgender journey. I wish him all the best and happiness in the world in his new freedom and thank him on behalf of all the lives he’s yet to save.

‘We’re going to change the world, I really firmly believe that we’re going to make a difference in the world’

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