Beauty and The Beast

A full cast has now been announced for the upcoming Feature Film Beauty and The Beast which is to be released in 2017. Announcements were made a few months back that Belle would be played by British national treasure Emma Watson, whilst most other cast members were kept in secrecy or otherwise released in small dribs and drabs. Now however, we have a full cast list and there is a lot to be excited about! Take a look below at who will be playing some of the best and most classic Disney characters!


The beautiful Emma Watson will portray the beautiful Belle. This news isn’t new but exciting none the less. Especially after watching Lily James’ darling performance in Cinderella. It’s made me wonder what standard of a Princess Emma will produce.  I don’t actually know what I’m more excited about – her portrayal, her singing skills or THE FINAL BALL GOWN? Emma exclaims that this is a dream come true and “her six year old self is on the ceiling with her heart bursting” so cute! Isn’t it every girls dream to play a princess or a hero in one way or the other?

beastNot my first choice for the role of The Beast (I had a few others in mind here) However I can take it sure. The dark brooding stare with the striking blue eyes yeah I can see how he will translate well into this role. A potentially huge breakout role for this British actor who has formally spent time on Downton Abbey. I’ve admittedly never seen him act in anything therefore I’ll get to watch him in this with fresh eyes which is always an exciting thing!


Oh Sir Ian you wonderful magnificent human being. That’s all really. I just like praising our good sir everyday as we all should do. But really, I think this is ONE of the most exciting cast announcements. Sir I.M is BRILLIANT at playing characters. Not just people, but real good characters. With Cogsworth being nothing short of brilliant himself, I eagerly look forward to the wit and charisma these two will bring to each other.


I have often thought that the magic of being cast into a musical ensemble and the most exciting part is not the character you are cast in but the musical numbers you are to become a part of. Everybody knows that Be Our Guest is the best song on the score and therefore Ewan wins at life here.  I recently watched the original Beauty and The Beast and I was shocked at how much I found myself laughing and tearing up at the quick wit of this character and his womanising ways. I can’t wait to hear Ewan’s lil french accent.

mrs p

There it is, my other favourite piece of casting! Emma Thompson IS Mrs Potts. She just is. I love her and I love everything about this. I’m so excited for her womanly wisdom. Ultimate hun of life.


Everyone loves a good broadway to screen star. Look at Samantha Barks, Idina Menzel. They’re go down as hits! Which is why I think Audra McDonald is a great choice for one of my favourite BATB characters! All I ever wanted when I was younger and (still now) was a talking wardrobe who would spit out fabulous gowns for me. Alas, it never happened, but i’m willing to take a Broadway star CGI’d one as an alternative.


Gaston is fit & everybody knows it. Look at that candid of them. Even Belle knows it. She’s literally thinking damn I wish those arms weren’t so damn big so I could hate you properly. But he’s a pig. So much so that at one point he actually rolls around in shit with a pig. Even worse – HE’S CRUEL TO OLD PEOPLE LIKE BELLES CUTE OLD DAD. So then throw Luke Evans into the mix and you’ve got a moral dilemma. It’s a similar pain to liking doughnuts even though you know that they make you fat. Luke Evans most recently played the biggest Dilf in Laketown in The Hobbit. He also played a very convincing Dracula. So yeah cheers Disney for making us undoubtedly fall for the villain. Paying £8 for a guilt trip…


IDK why but I really feel like Emma Watson and A Fish Called Wanda star Kevin Kline are going to have a lovely father/daughter on screen chemistry.


Everyones newest favourite funny man Josh Gad is to play the snivelling sidekick that is Le Fou. Best known as Disneys “Olaf” or his hilarious role in “Love and Other Drugs.” I can’t wait to see him bring humour to the feature and hopefully he will work alongside Luke Evans quite nicely.

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 17.00.24

If anyone is to have a role created for them, it is Stanley Tucci. Mr Tucci will play the part of a grand piano named Cadenza. Exciting curveball! This character has been specifically written in for the film adaptation.

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 17.00.04

The glammest and sassiest duster of all Plumette is to be played by the beautiful Gugu Mbatha-Raw. I bet she’s definitely looking forward to a little romance with Ewan McGregor. Gugu’s breakout role was actually at the Royal Exchange in Manchester where she played Juliet opposite the one and only Andrew Garfield as Romeo. Oh the jealousy.

Different to Disneys latest feature Cinderella, this film will contain full musical ensembles sang by the cast, alike the original 1991 version. It is said that it is going to be “a lot truer” to the original film than the other Disney remakes we have seen as of late (Alice In Wonderland, Maleficent, etc.) Apparently Emma Watson has been rumoured to have had singing lessons from Paige O’Hara, the voice that gave life to the original Princess Belle. The film is set for a 2017 release!

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