GOT S05E02

The second episode of the fifth season of Game of Thrones premiered tonight – or last week depending on if you were naughty enough to watch ahead eek! – and how amazing was it? The action took off straight away and I was more than pleased to see the episode start with Arya arriving in Braavos – the only thing missing from the previous ep! We saw a glimpse of how people in Braavos live their life as she arrived at the docks which drew similarities with the docks of Pentos or Qarth. Braavos however is a land which interests me far much more than the other free cities. Thus far we don’t know too much about it but it is apparent that men of Braavos have some form of magical mysterious way about them. Arya marches up to The House of Black and White which looked mightily impressive. As you can see in the pictures below we are introduced to another set of opposites; black and white. This joins George RR Martins previous sets of polar beings such as stone and steel or ice and fire. I am LITERALLY BUZZING that we have Jaqen H’ghar back in our lives because he is one of my favourite Game of Thrones characters! I kinda assumed that the first fellow that we saw open the doors would eventually turn out to be Mr H’ghar but even so I couldn’t help fist pumping as that mask was torn and his red and blonde hair appeared. It’s really good to see a familiar face return to the series (now if you could just bring back Khal Drogo and Robb Stark (minus his role as a king) then I’d be proper happy.) I still have hopes and theories that Syrio Forel may make another appearance in Braavos but that’s another blogpost entirely so we shall see. tumblr_nn47l9Wyud1qlpk32o1_1280

see the striking pieces of symbolism and forshadowing throughout the series. I live for this shit!

Watching Daenerys Targaryen making a terrible choice was pretty painful. Throughout her entire quick fall to disaster I was just thinking well you know this wouldn’t have happened if Ser Jorah was still there. Cause it wouldn’t have. I’m just like why? I don’t get it? What are you doing? It’s weird because I feel like most of the characters in the book are pretty much exactly how they are seen on screen, however in the books Daenerys is of pretty similar ages to Sansa Stark and yet on TV it has always appeared that Dany is a lot older. And in these scenes you can tell she clearly does not have grown womanly wisdom. This episode has left me pretty confused about the state of her authority but all we know for sure is that Tyrion and Varys are on their way and it looks like at just the right timing! Oh and it’s also left me with the desire to have this amazing formation around me at all times


We saw a glimpse of whats to come regarding Bronn and Jaime Lannister and I’m very much looking forward to their trip to Dorne and how that’s going to pan out. Jaime looked smoking fire in that brown leather tunic and Bronn was there to lighten the show with his excellent “it’s Jaime fucking Lannister” line.



In this episode we saw Podrick and Brienne of Tarth come across Sansa and Littlefinger. This is a HUGE moment for the plot. Most of Game of Thrones covers people on individual voyages all looking for different things. Most of the characters spend (and lose) their lives over searching for people of importance whether that be to slay them or to steward them. This is why I was the TINIEST bit disappointed that the build up and realisation that they were in the same inn wasn’t stretched out for maybe another minute at best. If there was slightly more dramtic irony involved in that scene it could have been a lot more intense when Podrick and Brienne realised who’s company they were in. That being said, in a show like GOT, minutes are every bit precious and sometimes unfortunately things like this need to be sacrificed in order to fit everything into that one hour slot.

I wanted to cry when Stannis made Jon an offer which he had dreamt of forever. I wanted him to take it and rule the north as a true stark. Obviously commanding the nights watch is still mint but I just want him to feel like he belongs to his Fathers house! I don’t even need to talk about the scene in which the vote was held because it was perfect. All of it. Sam Tarleys wit and humour putting Slynt in his place, Maester Aemons deciding vote and the pride of all Jons friends. It’s just too much for me to deal with. Perfection.

I can hardly wait until episode 3 and will dream all week until then of holiday’ing in the blissest Watergardens in Dorne and Jon Snows rise to command.

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