Buddha Beauty Skincare

  Thankyou to Buddha Beauty Skincare for my bottle of their incredible organic facial oil. This amazing oil is for combination skin and really helps to rejuvenate your face and bring out your inner glow. I have very dry skin on my face therefore I used this oil to finish my beauty regime. After cleansing and toning I applied two pumps of the oil to my face applying it in upwards strokes as instructed. As soon as the oil worked into my skin my head was full of those perfect aromas that are normally associated with massages. The mix of essential oils used was instantly calming both to my skin and general being. I would really recommend this skincare range if you like your products to be organic – especially if you enjoy the luxurious tones and smells of such massages! The oil made my skin feel really soft WITHOUT leaving it greasy which pure oil such as coconut can tend to do. Check out there page at http://www.buddha-beauty.co.uk

Llewyn the founder of the company has travelled the world drawing inspirations from exotic spas of the far east. Llewyn has recently expanded his passion for creating organic and memorable skincare ranges and has opened a beauty and therapy room of his own which is situated in Chorlton, Manchester. I can’t wait to get down and bliss out for a few hours! x

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